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Crimped-End and Heavy-Duty Mailing Tubes

Crimped-End and Heavy-Duty Mailing Tubes

Brown & Pratt’s extensive selection of mailing tubes will help you ship your valued products without worry. Posters, artwork, banners, maps, special documents, and blueprints –we have long mailing tubes and other types of mailing tubes for every type of prized or delicate item your company ships. Larger sizes can accommodate golf clubs, fishing rods—even auto parts!

Our mailing tubes come pre-constructed and ready to seal with no extra adhesives or tape. These extra-durable mailing tubes feature 3-ply spiral-wound construction, ensuring a wrinkle and damage-free journey during the shipping process.

Economical and sturdy, our mailing tubes can be used over and over and are completely recyclable.

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Where Can I Buy Mailing Tubes?

We stock enough styles of mailing tubes to meet even the most specific shipping needs.

Is your business on a budget?

  • Inexpensive crimped-end mailing tubes are reusable and easy to open and close.

Anxious for your product’s safety during shipping?

  • Heavy-duty mail tubes (with sturdy end-caps) are puncture and crush-resistant, no matter how far your product travels.

Need to organize your items before shipping?

  • Choose from simple white tubes, Kraft paper tubes, and colorful glossy tubes. Categorize your products by color, or choose the style of tube that best represents your business.
  • Jumbo tubes contain larger documents and products instead of bulky boxes or shipping containers.

Do you need to store your products, or ensure that they lie flat?

  • Lightweight self-sealing triangle and square cardboard tubes are stackable for easy storage and no rolling during postage.

More customizable options:

  • Expandable telescopic tubes allow you adapt the tube to fit a variety of items.
  • Purchase end caps separately to custom-build your own shipping (or replace missing end caps from your old mailers).

Selecting The Right Mailing Tube For Your Items:

Our mailing tubes range in size from 2” x 6 to 4” x 42. Just measure the length and diameter of your product and order a size larger than your measurements. If you’re still unsure about your order, we’d be glad to answer all of your questions. At Brown & Pratt, we work to maximize your shipping options, while minimizing shipping costs.
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