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Quality Retail Gift Boxes and Folding Cartons

At Brown and Pratt, we take pride in assuring every product listed in our catalog is actually in stock. This means every one of over 18,000 items can be ordered and delivered to you in a very timely manner, as items are shipped out the same day they are ordered.

We take packaging and shipping supplies very serious and have plenty of customer loyalty to back us up.

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Quality Matters

Quality matters and we understand this. We stock good quality chipboard cartons and pads, including folding cartons, gift boxes, stationary folding cartons, jewelry and apparel boxes, and chipboard pads. Need to package clothes, store jewelry, prepare small gifts, protect documents from damage? We have the products to do that and more.

Good Product Selection

We want to be your trusted supplier of chipboard cartons and pads, so we offer good quality products at competitive prices. Take a look at our array of chipboard pads and chipboard cartons to find exactly what you need. If you have a question or need some advice, feel free to contact our dedicated team of customer service professionals.

Same Day Shipping

When you need your chipboard pads and carton shipment fast, you get it, as we ship the same day you order. Browse the online catalog and website content and simply place your desired items in your virtual shopping cart to order. We’ve put everything online for your convenience.

Your Shipping Supplies Vendor

As a business, you need a reliable shipping supply vendor. We can supply what you need – when you need it. Take a step towards optimal efficiency with our top-tier quality packaging and shipping supplies. With our affordable rates, vast array of products, and exceptional service, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.
Contact us for more information. We’re happy to provide a free consultation, no matter what your shipping needs.
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