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Brown & Pratt Has Every Shipping Supply You Could Ever Need

From boxes & bags to any other type of shipping container, Brown & Pratt has what you need to successfully ship products from your company to their destination. There are unlimited options! Are you ready to partner up with a reliable company and friendly people? Then call us at 888-353-1664 to get the process started! 

What Shipping Supplies Does Your Business Need?

The variety of products to be purchased throughout the world is nearly infinite, as are the array of packaging supplies needed for each. The ability to guarantee that merchandise arrives safely at its destination is a priority! 

When packaging up your product, there are four crucial aspects to consider. The first is the container itself. Second, the materials to protect the product inside the container. Third, a product used to keep the container closed. Fourth, the labels that go on the outside of the package. The diversity of materials to meet these four shipping needs is extensive, & we have them all! 

Below you will see all the different categories of packaging & shipping supplies we offer. We aim to make sure your needs and requirements are conveniently met at one company, Brown & Pratt!

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Choose your Shipping Supplies by Category:

Boxes: We offer a wide selection of corrugated boxes for your storage or shipping needs. Any shape, size, or style is possible. Need a specialty box? Just ask!


Mailers: Within our 15 sub-categories of corrugated mailer boxes, the options range from standard tuck top mailers to carrying cases and displays. We have the options to meet your needs!

Containers: Keep your products organized and protected yet accessible is the key to efficiency. What we carry in this category will help you stay at the top of your game.

Cartons & Pads: This category is your home for high-quality paperboard cartons – including folding cartons, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and chipboard pads.

Envelopes: An array of bags and envelop products to accommodate any need to protect your products throughout the mailing and delivery process are available in this category.

Mailing Tubes: Protect your posters, artwork, banners, maps, special documents, and blueprints with our huge variety of mailing tubes for every type of prized or delicate item.

Poly Bags: We have thousands of types and sizes available, including lay flat, gusseted, zip lock, poly tubing, and much more. Want to customize? We can print them as well!

Labels: From preprinted labels to Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Labels, we carry the labels you need to meet your company’s production, storage, and shipping needs. 

Tags: Sometimes you need a shipping tag instead of a label, and ours are made to resist potential damage and are available in a variety of colors, secured with string or wire.

Shrink Film: Shrinkwrap can serve a variety of purposes during the shipping process, and they all have to do with adding a layer of product protection and security.

Stretch Film: When it comes to keeping palletized shipments secure and protected, stretch film is the go-to material! We carry a wide variety and the best brands available today.

Banding: Another product often needed for palletizing shipments is durable and flexible banding materials. This ensures that items stacked on a pallet stay put during shipping and handling.

Edge Protectors: These are what you need when your pallet requires extra protection. Edge protectors ensure that your products are not damaged during the shipping and handling process.

Bubble & Foam: Items that need additional protection may require bubble wrap, perforated foam rolls, or air-filled bags. These serve as highly effective shock-absorbing space fillers.

Loose Fill: Packing peanuts are one of the best options for protecting your items during shipping. We carry both the standard recyclable polystyrene as well as the biodegradable starch-based material that dissolves in water.

Newsprint: In sheets or rolls, newsprint paper is a very economical and eco-friendly package filler. Made from 100% recycled paper, it is a reliable way to complete your packaging portfolio.

Kraft Paper: Used for wrapping or void fill, our extensive offering of kraft papers will meet your needs! Our selection includes wax coated papers, butcher paper, cellulose wadding, and industrial tissue paper.

Wraps: We carry a full line of protective wraps and specialty papers ideal for void filling, stuffing and protecting packaged items from scratches or shifting

Tape: Though the most popular tapes in the market are used for sealing cartons, we also offer an extensive line of masking tapes, double-sided tapes, preprinted tapes, and much more! Are you looking to add your brand? Many of these are printable!

Fasteners: Here you’ll find cable ties, rubber bands, Velcro tape, seals, glue dots, tying twine, glue applicators, and a variety of other adhesives you may need.

Staples: Do you have a heavy carton that needs to be sealed and make it to its destination safely? We offer box standard and carton closing staples to meet your stapling needs!

Packing List Envelopes: We inventory a variety of clear and preprinted packing list envelopes to meet your shipping needs. These options are durable and will ensure that your documents arrive with their shipment!

Shipping: Knives, markers, product stands, etc. Browse our selection of other products that are useful in your shipping room and warehouse.

Janitorial: Here you will find products such as industrial cleaners, sponges, wipes, rags, brooms, mops, brushes, trash can liners, ice melt, absorbent liquid cleanup products, and other cleaning supplies.

Safety: Safety is a priority across all industries. This category is where you’ll find the tools necessary to keep your staff and facility safe.

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