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Custom Printed Bags and Boxes for your Business

THIS is why you’re looking at our website today. You’ve invented and developed an amazing product. You may be the expert about your product. But, we know packaging! So, we’ll spend the time with you to determine which of the Brown & Pratt packaging services best suites your needs.

While most customers need our custom printed plastic bags and custom corrugated boxes, we are expanding our packaging services every day. Package assembly and product sorting are just a couple of the packaging services offered by the specialists at Brown & Pratt, Inc.

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The Best Custom Packaging for Businesses

Whether you’re shipping large desktop computers or much smaller products like clothes or jewelry, Brown & Pratt can create the perfect custom packaging solution to meet your business’s needs. With more than half a century of experience in serving Indianapolis and companies across the country, we can create the perfect packaging options to ship your products.

Large Variety of Custom Boxes and Bags

Many custom packaging companies require mass quantities in order to provide printing services, but Brown & Pratt can create an affordable custom packaging option for smaller orders using our digital printing services.

We have custom packaging design options for a wide variety of box types, including heavy-duty boxes for moving and hauling heavy products and small corrugated boxes for mailing. Businesses often find they work with our representatives to find custom packaging solutions for a wide range of product types, while others need only one size and material type for all of their packaging needs.

Affordable Customized Packaging

Our printing options help us meet any budget. By printing in only one color or using a different type of printing method, we can help even a small, growing business create a custom packaging solution that helps it compete with even the biggest brands. We use a color-matching system that helps us locate the perfect color to ensure your custom packaging matches all of your other branding efforts, whether it’s your signage or your website colors. By creating a custom packaging design that maintains consistency with your other materials, we’ll help you build brand awareness while also saving money.

In addition to boxes customized with your business’s logo, you can also order all of your packing supplies from Brown & Pratt. Our service representatives will work with you to find the right materials to protect your items without weighing them down. Our affordable prices bring many of the region’s top retailers to our services for all of their packaging needs. When you need re-orders, our representatives can help you find the right quantity to help save you money.

For years, businesses have counted on Brown & Pratt to create high-quality materials for shipping, packaging, and in-store use. We’ll work with any company to find the right custom packaging options to meet its needs, while also staying on budget. Contact us for more information or a free consult today.

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