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Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Support Branding With Custom Printed Boxes

Today, it’s not just what’s inside the package that counts—the entire experience needs to be branded for your customer, starting with your logo placed on everything they see. This is how you make your mark. Custom boxes aid your branding efforts and make each sale more memorable.

At Brown & Pratt, we’re proud to help industries in every sector get the custom box printing they need. We work with manufacturing companies and businesses in the medical field, as well as small brick- and-mortar stores. If you ship product, we can also take your brand awareness to the next level.

We don’t require a written minimum order quantity. And while the cost for corrugated boxes becomes more appealing around 250-300 boxes, our printing projects are never sold as a one size fits all solution.

Custom shipping box types

You want your products to arrive safe and sound, and our boxes are built to go the distance. We offer the most common styles, including:

RSC Shipping Box

The industry standard gets a whole new look branded with your company’s logo and identity.

Tuck Top Mailer Box

Sturdy and chic, these boxes are easy to open—and great for displaying your products.

Deluxe Mailer Box

Make a statement with boxes that have thicker weight and bolder colors.

Unique identity elements

Your best print option will depend on the type of design you want for your piece.

Industrial run flexographic printing: cost-effective flexographic printing utilizes water-based inks. This method is available in one or two colors—perfect for logos and text. The result? A clean, matte image.

  • Pricing breaks
  • Manufactured in-line
  • Crisp, water-based ink

Depending on the print, carton size, and style, these boxes sometimes require a cutting die. Taking machine set-up into consideration allows us to create pricing breaks for larger quantities. These offers typically start at 500 pieces and continue for orders of 750, 1000, 1250, etc.

Digital post printing: only need a small quantity? Digital printing might be for you. A post printed box means that your boxes are built and inked one-at-a-time.

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Hand-crafted cartons
  • Printed individually

Similar to an inkjet printer, this method can easily be completed in smaller production runs. This can lead to a higher per-piece price but helps you avoid bigger upfront costs. Depending on your budget and needs, this can be a great solution.

Not sure where to start? Just give us a call. We have a variety of box sizes and styles available for printing. Tell us about your application, and we’ll find the perfect solution to your shipments.

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