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Printing Methods and Project Cost

D3S_2810Brown & Pratt’s Various Printing Methods

Flexographic Printing

This is the most basic and cost-effective method for printing on boxes.  It utilizes water-based inks that are transferred directly onto the corrugated material, using photopolymer printing plates, which are similar to rubber stamps. The quality is clean and crisp, but there is no finish or gloss to the print. Printing is limited to line art (Logos) and text and is available in one or two colors.

Lithographic Labels

Lithographic printing is the type of print quality that appears on retail products such as kitchen appliances, power tools, toy boxes, etc.  This is the method that is used to produce rich colors and photographic images, as well as that semi-gloss or high gloss finish

Digital Printing

Digital printing is used for printing very small quantities of boxes in place of lithographic printing and uses an oscillating carriage system similar to an inkjet printer.


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