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Are You Making the Most of Your Brand?

Shipping a customer their order item means using packaging of some type. While many businesses view packaging as a necessary cost to be absolutely minimized, a growing number of companies are discovering the value of putting more thought into the design and appearance of shipping your products. Even the humble corrugated box can become a powerful branding tool. In fact, custom printed boxes can become an important competitive advantage that sets you apart and extends the impact of your business branding.



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Packaging Worthy of an Unboxing Video

By now, almost everyone has seen an “unboxing video” online. In fact, all the way back in 2014 Google Consumer Surveys found that one out of every five consumers had watched an unboxing video—a figure that has surely risen much higher in the years since then. People love watching a video of a person opening the package they received after ordering a product, and a growing number of consumers actively seek out unboxing videos when researching a product.

Sometimes it might just be the unboxing that a consumer is excited to share. In other cases, the unboxing video may be just one part of a longer video to review the product, whether by a consumer or a professional product reviewer. If your business is lucky, a social media influencer might post an unboxing video of a product they ordered and received from your company. Regardless of what the specifics may be, unboxing videos lose a significant portion of their impact if it’s just a plain old corrugated box being opened. 

The questions you should be asking yourself are these: Is the custom packaging your business uses worthy of an unboxing video? Are you fully leveraging custom printed packaging to extend your business branding? Are custom printed boxes affordable within your company’s budget?

What’s in Your Branding Toolbox?

Every business has a variety of tools in its branding toolbox, including the product itself, product packaging, the company website, advertisements, communications with customers, and so on. Can you guess what tool remains absent from a lot of those branding toolboxes? The answer is custom printed packaging. The fact that this essential tool isn’t even in the branding toolbox of many businesses is an unfortunate oversight. After all, everything your company does needs to reinforce your brand, and this should extend beyond the other tools mentioned to include the box (or bag) in which it is shipped. 

What’s the business takeaway from the rise of unboxing videos? It’s not just what’s inside the package that counts. The entire experience needs to be branded for your customer, from beginning to end. This is accomplished with an intentional branded packaging design that places your brand on everything they see, including the box used to deliver the order. The box you use to ship products to customers is going to be noticed. The question is what kind of impression is it going to make? Use custom printed boxes to make your mark and a lasting impression on whoever sees them.


Professional Custom Printed Boxes at a Competitive Price with Brown & Pratt

Custom printed boxes with Brown & Pratt will ensure you make the right impression with every order and every delivery, by collaborating with you to create customized packaging worthy of an unboxing video. E-commerce business and online shopping are on the rise faster than ever before, which means now is the time to reinforce and extend your branding to this additional touchpoint with your customers.

Custom Printed Boxes by Type

Brown & Pratt’s custom printed boxes are built for durability to protect your products during transit and ensure they arrive safely and undamaged to your customer. Among our most reliable and popular products are the following types of corrugated boxes:

  • RSC Shipping Box: The “regular slotted container” (RSC) is the industry standard that comes in a stunning array of sizes and configurations made from corrugated cardboard. We can build any RSC box to your specifications. Visit our How to Measure a Custom Printed Box page for more information. RSC boxes all have those recognizable outer flaps that meet in the center and are typically sealed with tape to keep the box securely closed. Custom printing on RSC boxes puts your brand front and center for your customers when they receive the package. We can also make custom printed tape for an added branding element to the overall custom package design. 
  • Tuck Top Mailer Box: Sturdy and stylish, these boxes are easy to open—and are a great way to display your products. These are the boxes that have an extended outer flap with a lip that tucks down inside the box to close it.
  • Deluxe Mailer Box: When you want to really wow your customers, these boxes are the way to go. They have a thicker weight and allow for the use of bold color that makes a big impression. It differs from the tuck top box with its “rollover front tuck” in which the lip, rather than tucking down inside the box, rolls over the front and is secured with tabs that fit into slots on the front. This type of box may also feature dust flaps on each side of the lid that tuck down inside the sides of the box, thus creating a more complete seal around the outer edges of the lid.

Need something different than what’s listed above? Learn more about other types of boxes we offer for custom printing on our Commercial Custom Printed Box Styles page.

The Technical Side of Custom Printed Boxes

What kind of printing process goes into the design and printing of custom corrugated boxes? The most basic choice is between flexographic printing and digital printing, driven largely by the quantity needed.

  • Industrial Run Flexographic Printing: This is the most cost-effective method for custom printed boxes. Flexographic printing utilizes crisp, water-based inks and allows for either one-color or two-color design—perfect for a logo and text. It produces a clean, matte image on each box. The printing happens as the box itself is being made (manufactured in-line). Depending on the print, carton size, and style, these boxes sometimes require a cutting die. Taking machine setup into consideration allows us to create pricing breaks for larger quantities. This kind of offer typically starts at 500 pieces and continues for orders of 750, 1000, 1250, and so on.
  • Digital Post-Printing: If you only need a small quantity, then digital printing might be the best choice for you. A post-printed box means your boxes are built and inked one at a time. There are lower upfront costs, and it allows for individual printing on hand-crafted cartons. While small production runs lead to a higher per-piece price, you also avoid bigger upfront costs. Depending on your budget and needs, this can be a great solution.

Need more information about our printing processes for custom printed boxes? Be sure to visit the following pages on the Brown & Pratt website:

Brown & Pratt: Your Trusted Packaging and Shipping Supplies Partner

In the customer’s buying journey, one of the final steps is when your company’s product arrives to their doorstep. If you want to close the loop with a branded solution, that direct-to-customer box should carry your company logo and other branding. Custom printed boxes by Brown & Pratt will get the job done with professional-grade quality and excellence in customer service. Make no mistake, a stylish branded box, unique to your company, can do a lot more for your business than you might think.

At Brown & Pratt, we’ve been helping businesses across a wide range of industries create the custom packaging and shipping supplies they need since 1954. We’ve kept up with both evolving client needs and ever-changing technologies to deliver solutions with the rapid turnaround times needed in today’s fast-paced online E-commerce landscape. We meet your needs with a combination of professional design, competitive pricing, and top-notch customer service. And when we say “custom” we mean it! We don’t sell one-size-fits-all solutions. Every solution we deliver to your business is customized to meet your unique needs. Get in touch with us through the Contact page of our website, call us at 888-659-9450 to learn more about what we can do for you, or visit our online Request a Quote page to get started today.

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