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Custom Printed Packing List Envelope

Businesses are increasingly realizing the printing area available on the packages they ship to customers. Presentation is an important part of providing great customer service and if packaging can include marketing messages, a business benefits. Brown & Pratt now offers a printing packing list envelope that can be customized with a business’s logo, contact information, and special message.

What Are They?

Packing list envelopes have traditionally been printed with an orange background bearing the words “Packing List Enclosed.” Over time, those words have become unnecessary, since recipients are aware that the transparent envelope on a package contains a list of the internal contents of the package.

With a printed packing list envelope, a business can call attention to its logo and branding with an appealing design. Many customers are surprised at how reasonably priced a custom printed packing list envelope order is, especially since it saves on custom printing on other areas of a business’s packaging. Having a logo and contact information on a packing list, for instance, can save the business money on printed labels for use on other areas of the package.

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Custom Printing

A business can choose a printed packing list envelope in two separate sizes: 4.5” X 5.5” or 4.5” X 6”. Labels are priced by the case with a minimum number of cases required to place an order. Brown & Pratt requires a seven-case order for its larger sizes and an eight-case order for its smaller sizes.

Businesses can choose from red, blue, green, or black for their one-color printing. There is no plate charge for a printing packing list envelope order, so businesses merely need to choose the color and provide a design. There is a six-inch imprint field for businesses to work within, giving them plenty of room to add a small logo, contact information, and a message.

Great Service

In addition to its printed packing list envelope, Brown & Pratt offers many great packing and shipping supplies to businesses. Our dedication to customer service brings businesses back for a wide variety of custom-printed packaging options. Included among Brown & Pratt’s offerings are custom-printed boxes and bags, among other items.

If you’re business regularly ships items to vendors or customers, consider adding a printed packing list envelope to your presentation.

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