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While there are dozens of packaging films in use today, you need the expertise of a Brown & Pratt counselor to help you select the least expensive film for your packaging need. Many of the packaging films provided by Brown & Pratt are manufactured to ISO certification specifications. We are happy to provide you with top quality films at the industry’s most competitive prices!
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Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap is used in every warehouse and manufacturing facility on the planet. Stretch wrap applied by hand or by machine is used to hold product together. Typically, it is used to wrap corrugated boxes and attach them to a skid. It can also be purchased in smaller roll widths, perfect for use as a bundling film.


Sheeting is typically used with an L-Bar sealer or other machine that will seal and vent that film into a packaging bag. Brown & Pratt stocks 3 sizes of FDA centerfold sheeting here in Indianapolis, ready to make FDA approved bags. We also can meet your custom sheeting needs through a custom run or our other in-stock films.

Laundry Films
Laundry Films are very specialized, high clarity films that are produced in our FDA approved, ISO certified production plant. A great deal of clean laundry wrapping occurs on table linen for fine restaurants & sanitary bundles going into hospitals. The packaging experts at Brown & Pratt serve the businesses that serve you!
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