What is a template in the printing and packaging industry?

A template is a vector file that is used to help demonstrate the visual layout of a package, whether it is a folding carton or a countertop display box. These templates include lines for folding to demonstrate the proper layout of a package. Once these are downloaded from a site, they can be edited, rotated and even have dimensions changed to get a better idea of how a finished product will appear.

Templates are available in just about any size and shape you can imagine, ranging from pyramid-shaped boxes to door hangers. They may be listed with the different number of panels they have, which can vary widely depending on your needs. An accordion template is valued for its ability to hold information on a wide number of panels, while the tray card template is used for the packaging of compact discs.

These printing templates are beneficial in helping a customer customize their packages exactly as they like. They are usually offered complimentary with a website and are often opened with Adobe Illustrator when edits are made. Other programs in which templates are customized include Adobe PDF, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and QuarkXPress.

Once the template is downloaded, the user places in the content using the program of their choice. The template is crucial in determining the layout and content of the page as it will appear to consumers. This quick and easy process eliminates the need for a professional graphic designer and allows one to create their finished product in minutes.

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