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At Brown & Pratt, we take pride in offering a wide range of custom paper bag solutions for all types of businesses, including retail, restaurants, supermarkets, medical offices, and many more. Every day, we go into countless shops that are using unprinted paper bags to send out leftovers, apparel, or other retail items. Incorporating logos, colors, and messaging into your company’s paper bags is an affordable way to promote your brand sensibly and that acts as a walking advertisement. Whether your goal is to promote your brand or improve the overall customer experience, Brown & Pratt delivers custom-printed paper bags that increase your brand visibility and foster a sense of professionalism.

Customizable Paper Bags

Several ways exist to customize your eco-friendly printed bag. And each choice you make presents an opportunity to represent your brand at a key customer touchpoint. Here are the ways you can customize the style, features, and color of your printed paper bags:





Our flat merchandise paper bags are your all-in-one solution for various needs. Stylish and handy, these bags are perfect for carrying a variety of items. They’re especially great for protecting and showcasing greeting cards and postcards with ease.

Euro Tote

Elevate your packaging game with our elegant Euro tote bags with cotton/rope handles. These bags are crafted with finesse, providing a sense of luxury while accommodating a wide range of items. Whether it’s fashion, food, gifts, or high-end products, our Euro tote bags add a touch of class to every experience.


SOS bags are designed to stand upright on their own, these bags make packing and accessing items incredibly easy. SOS paper bags are gusseted with flat or “square” bottoms and ensure a hassle-free and convenient experience for all your carrying needs. This bag type is popular in industries such as retail, grocery, food service, hardware, wine/liquor store packaging, prescription, and pharmacy to name a few.

Shopping (Handles)

Our paper shopping bags are square bottomed and gusseted along with handles. The addition of handles to your printed paper bags allows for effortless carrying, providing convenience to customers and employees both. Our sturdy handles ensure that the contents remain secure and make transportation hassle-free, especially for heavy and bulkier items. We offer 10 printed paper bag sizes in 60# white kraft and 63# natural kraft, both with traditional twisted handles.


First-time customers who order multiple sizes of paper shopping bags with handles on their first order or as a new project can earn free plates and shipping. Ask your Brown & Pratt sales representative if your printed paper bag project applies!

Available Sizes for Paper Bags with Handles

Optional Handle Colors for Custom In-Line Flexo Bags

Shipping (Tape Strip)

Boost your business shipping operations with our customizable shipping bags, complete with user-friendly tape strips. Ideal for securely shipping smaller goods such as papers, apparel, and delicate items, these bags offer a tailored shipping solution that reflects your brand’s professionalism.


Tin Tie

Designed to preserve freshness and flavor, our tin tie bags are an irresistible choice for small treats and foods. Whether it’s cookies, candies, or artisanal snacks, our paper tin tie bags ensure your creations are beautifully presented and ready to savor.



If grease resistance is a priority when catering to your customers, Brown & Pratt’s got you covered. We offer three sizes of grease resistant SOS paper bags!  Each size comes in natural brown kraft or white and can be custom printed. Popular industries for these grease resistant options would be bakery, food service, doughnut, and restaurant bags.



We can work with you to find whatever color scheme best represents your brand. Standard paper bags come in brown kraft or white. If a custom color better suits your project, we can flood coat the bags to meet your needs accordingly, so long as it complies with your bag style. We can incorporate your logo or branded artwork as well. Your project includes up to three colors on the custom paper bag, and all bags include up to 100% ink coverage on the outside. We are here to accommodate, so if you have color questions please ask!

Paper Weight

Take advantage of durability with our sturdy paper weight options designed to cater towards industries such as hardware, automotive, industrial, crafts and more. Whether it’s nails, screws, or tools, these durable paper bags ensure your items remain secure and intact throughout their journey.



With much of the world choosing products based on sustainability, the popularity and demand for custom paper bags continue to increase. With plastic bags moving out, use our recyclable and reusable paper bags to symbolize your company’s eco-friendliness!

Additional Considerations

Extra Costs

We require an initial one-time cost on most orders of custom-printed paper bags because we make a printing plate template for your specific project to increase the efficiency of any future orders. Artwork fees typically aren’t applicable as long as you supply “camera-ready” artwork. Freight on printed merchandise bags is billed at cost and typically on the final invoice.


Bulk Purchases

Purchasing custom printed paper bags in bulk can heavily cut costs for you. If your company plans to keep an ongoing bulk order of bags, Brown & Pratt will continually offer significant discounts! The minimum purchase quantity for all in-lined printed bags is 6,000, and we offer price breaks at:

  • 12,000
  • 25,000
  • 50,000
  • 100,00

All other quantities must be custom quoted for the most competitive pricing and will be based on your custom print, bag size, and bag type.

Lead Time

Standard lead time on all custom printed paper bags is typically 3-5 weeks after final artwork approval. Artwork must be provided on blank paper bag templates which can be provided by our sales staff at the time of quoting for artwork positioning and set-up.


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You can also check out our Customer Printed Bags FAQ as a resource.