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Custom Printed Packaging Tape

The first impression is always the most important. One way to make a good impression is with custom printed tape.

When your customer receives your packages in the mail are they excited to finally see it? Or do they mistake it for junk mail?

Don’t let your customers get frustrated with overdone wrapping, excess plastic or paper ads. You want your product to look appealing and accessible, and you want your main message to be loud and clear.

If you want your customer to love the product, you need to think about packaging first.

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Packaging is a big part of your business’s branding, yet many companies send their products in plain boxes and envelopes. With Brown & Pratt custom printed tape, your company can create a safe, simple vessel for their product with a loud and clear message. It’s a good way to easily add your logo and contact information in another place.

Practical Applications

Custom printed tape can be used to provide customers with valuable information about their packages, keeping items and their information safe.

Instructions may include which side should be facing upward while the box is opened, and whether items should be handled a certain way during shipment. This basic information can be customized to your own business’s needs or you can choose from a variety of pre-printed options already in our inventory.

Marketing Value

One of the most popular uses of custom printed tape is to provide extra marketing for your brand. You can use this space to add your logo, business name or slogan, giving you extra space on your packages to increase brand awareness. You can also use it to promote new announcements or share a message about your commitment to customer service. By having this brand messaging on your tape, you’ll call more attention to it than if it had simply been printed on your envelope or box.

Other Applications

There are a variety of ways you can have fun with your custom printed tape:

  • Promote a new contest or print a trivia question. To get the answer to the question or enter your contest, the customer would then be directed to your company website.
  • Print a QR code or incorporate random facts about your industry.
  • Offer coupon codes good for discounts on your website.

This is a fun way to utilize the tape you’d have to use anyway, eliminating the need to include separate paperwork with the code inside the box. It’s also important to note that by eliminating the need for extra paper, customers will appreciate your company’s efforts to be more environmentally friendly.

Over time, your customers will come to look forward to the fun messages they’ll find on your packaging and customer loyalty will increase as a result. For more information about custom printed tape, contact us today.

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