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Garment Poly

Brown and Pratt’s Printed or plain high clarity GARMENT POLY is made with hanger holes & sloped shoulders and comes on a roll for easy dispensing. Lightweight, transparent poly garment bags are available in four versatile sizes: pants, shirt/suit, dress, and long coat.

Plastic Dry Cleaning Garment Bags on Rolls are perfect for protecting everything in a common wardrobe and keeping them wrinkle-free! Our Dry Cleaning Bags can also help keep a bride’s wedding gown free from dust. Everything from formal wear, full-length coats, and evening gowns to shirts and suits, our garment poly can accommodate any need.

When you’re ready to promote your laundry or store, the experts at Brown and Pratt will help YOU design a CUSTOM PRINTED garment poly bag that screams we’re here to stay! Custom print promotes your LOGO for maximum branding, as well as tells your customers about other services/products.
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Self-Adhesive Paper Bands

Automotive parts, envelopes, stationery, brochures, can label, restaurant silverware and neckties are just a few of hundreds of product applications for self-adhesive paper bands. The use of the self-sealing paper bands keeps products neatly grouped together and often saves your staff labor when inventorying products on shelves or in bins. These paper bands have a special adhesive on the band ends that allow you to wrap them around your product to contain it. No additional tape or adhesive is required! Our bands do all the work!

As an efficient and inexpensive packaging solution, custom-designed paper bands by Brown & Pratt can be used to band single or multiple quantities of the product together or to label/tag an item for quick identification. Band sizing varies with application, lengths can be run from four inches to 40 inches and width can be adjusted according to the customer’s product weight. Our stock papers include bleached white and brown kraft & ranging in basis weight from 50 to 70 pounds. Although paper bands can be produced with or without printing, many customers utilize their corporate logo designs and colors for additional impact and recognition. Printing can be done in one to three colors. Bands are packed flat for easy storage. Let the paper band people at Brown and Pratt counsel you as to length, width & weight of paper to solve your packaging problem.


At Brown & Pratt, we provide the best mass printing services in town! Does your business use a printed skid tag to label the pallets you are shipping from your warehouse? As your number of skids increases, so does the number of skid sheets you require. In order to efficiently run your business and focus on the important things, let Brown & Pratt supply you with your large quantity printed items and avoid the time, hassle, and wear and tear on your own printer. We can help your business run more smoothly and your image increase dramatically through our custom printing for you!

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