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Machine Grade

We inventory an extensive variety of Machine Stretch Films to ensure we have the proper thickness and type to meet your specific needs. Whether you are wrapping irregular pallets with sharp corners or smooth pallets only needing a thinner film, we have the machine stretch wrap you will need to get your product ready to ship.

Hand Grade

All hand stretch films are not created equal. For this reason, we inventory only the best – AEP, Amtopp, and Primetac brands to ensure you get a quality film on every order. Whether you are wrapping a heavy load that requires a thick, blown stretch film or you simply need a thin, pre-stretched film to get your pallet safely to your wrapping machine we have the film to accommodate your need.

Bundling Film

Bundling film is an faster and inexpensive way to group items together without the need for strapping or tapes. Whether you require an extended core for an easier wrap, or prefer a 3″ core for a better roll grip we stock the film you need.

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