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Shrink Film Protects Your Items

Shrink film is a protective packaging material that keeps items clean, safe, and organized. Best of all, shrink film covers items without eliminating visibility, so it is easy to confirm what the contents of a package or enhance someone’s experience by allowing them to see what is in the package without opening it.

Shrink film is available in a variety of forms. You can buy rolls of single-ply shrink film, tube shrink film that allows you to insert items quickly and efficiently, or shrink film bags that are ideal when you need to create packages of items.

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What You Should Know about Shrink Film

Shrink film is made of a polymer plastic film that shrinks when heated to the size and shape of the items it surrounds. Shrink film can be used for a variety of purposes, including gift giving, shipping, or organization.

There are a couple of different types of shrink film, so depending on your intended use, you will want to carefully think about which will work best for you. PVC shrink film is made from polyvinyl chloride plastic and was at one time the most common type used. You find PVC shrink film on CDs, DVDs, and electronics, small canisters, and non-edible items.

There are a few drawbacks of PVC film, including its sealing strength and how it responds to hot and cold weather conditions. The plastic also releases small amounts of hydrogen chloride, making it unsafe to wrap around items that are intended to be ingested.

The other type of shrink film, polyolefin shrink film, can be used for edible and non-edible items. It does not produce the same odor as its PVC counterpart and it provides a stronger seal and more flexibility. Temperature and chemical off-gassing is also not an issue with polyolefin film. Today, you find this type of shrink film on a variety of items, including foods and medication.

Polyolefin shrink film is more expensive and can be difficult to use with automated machines, so some business owners prefer using PVC film if it does not damage the final product.

Benefits of Using Shrink Film for Business

There are numerous benefits to incorporating shrink film into your company’s packaging process, including:

  • Protecting items against rain and other inclement weather
  • Covering items of all sizes with a single piece of material
  • Providing UV protection to items
  • Customizing packages to use for marketing with printed shrink film
  • Preventing damage to packaged products
  • Creating breathability by allowing air to reach wrapped items when necessary

If you are interested in speaking to shrink film manufacturers or you would like to learn more about shrink film and how it can help you manage your packaging and shipping process, contact Brown & Pratt.

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