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Custom Printed Stretch Film by Brown & Pratt

Whether you call it stretch film, stretch wrap, hand film, hand stretch wrap, hand wrap, or pallet wrap, this stretchable plastic film is a versatile product used in almost every shipping and storage situation that requires holding stacks of boxed or crated products together on a pallet or skid or in bundles. With Brown and Pratt’s custom printing capabilities, any company can extend its branding and advertising through the product’s lifecycle’s bulk shipping and storage process.

Fast, Affordable Custom-Printed Stretch Film

If it’s your first time ordering custom-printed stretch film from Brown and Pratt, once your one-color or two-color artwork is approved, you’ll have your order in 5–6 weeks. When you need to re-order more with the same artwork, however, you’ll have it in 3–4 weeks. Brown and Pratt prides itself on being the faster, more affordable custom printed packaging supplier to clients throughout the Midwest and well beyond, all while achieving superior results, providing excellence in customer service, and offering competitive pricing.

    pallet of warehouse items shrink wrapped in Brown & Pratt branded shrink wrap
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    Will Anyone Even See Your Branded Pallet Wrap?

    The short answer is YES! Think about it: First are the countless people involved in the shipment and storing of pallets, skids, or bundles of your wrapped products. Second, are the random people who may see your product being moved around. And then there’s a third and growing group of people who shop at club stores (Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s) and other big box retailers who display your products in-store on the pallets or in the bundles shipped and delivered to them. Those kinds of stores want your pallets and bundles to look great because it’s part of their promotional and merchandising strategies. If you want your business to fully leverage what it can get from custom-printed stretch film, Brown and Pratt is the packaging supplier who can help you make it happen.

    Product Specs for Custom-Printed Stretch Film

    The stretch films available from us for one-color or two-color custom printing come in the following sizes:

    • 3-inch x 1,000 feet, 80 gauge, 18 rolls per case, Banding Film 
    • 5-inch x 1,000 feet, 80 gauge, 12 rolls per case Banding Film 
    • 18-inch x 1,500 feet, 80 gauge, 4 rolls per case Hand Film
    • 20-inch x 1,000 feet, 80 gauge, 4 rolls per case Pipe Wrap 
    • 20-inch x 5,000 feet, 80 gauge, Machine Film 
    • 20-inch x 6,000 feet, 80 gauge, Machine Film 

    Each spot color printing plate has a plate charge of $475, and since the choice is between one-color or two-color printing, the maximum plate charge you’ll ever pay for new artwork is $925 for two colors. We can print on any color of stretch wrap, which means savvy designers can account for the base color of the stretch film in their artwork for a more significant visual impact. 

    Note that minimum orders do apply:

    • 1 pallet for both hand stretch film and machine stretch film.
    • 12 cases for banding film and pipe wrap.
    example of stretch film with wording: "do not accept if seal is broken"
    hand-held stretch wrap film dispenser

    We also have several stock-printed stretch wraps (both hand film and machine film) ready and  available that many clients need on a regular basis, all of which are clear film with red and black printing (black text on red), including the following:

    • 5-inch x 1,000 feet, 80 gauge, “Do Not Break Load”
    • 20-inch x 5,000 feet, 80 gauge, “Do Not Break Load”
    • 5-inch x 1,000 feet, 80 gauge, “Do Not Accept If Seal Is Broken” 
    • 20-inch x 5,000 feet, 80 gauge, “Do Not Accept If Seal Is Broken” 
    • 5-inch x 1,000 feet, 80 gauge, “Do Not Double Stack”
    • 20-inch x 5,000 feet, 80 gauge, “Do Not Double Stack”

    What Artwork Will You Print on Your Company’s Stretch Film?

    Stretch film holds pallets, skids, and bundles of boxed products together for greater stability during shipment, storage, and display. It also helps deter tampering, prevent pilfering, facilitate inventory control, and reinforce product identification during shipping, warehouse storage, and retail display. Choosing and designing the artwork for your stretch film depends on your business objectives. Many clients are just looking to get their company name and logo on the wrap while others take a bolder approach with eye-catching graphic designs, marketing messages, and so on for maximum visual impact.

    Brown & Pratt: Custom Printed Packaging and Shipping Supplies

    Two “e-words” we love here at Brown & Pratt are expertise and excellence. When it comes to expertise, we’ve got it in spades. We’ve been helping clients with custom-printed packaging and shipping supplies since 1954, so each client enjoys what 70 years of industry experience brings to the table on their behalf. And excellence is what we strive for with every client on every project, meaning you can expect excellent results and superior customer service. We’ve built our solid reputation on a strong foundation of mutual respect and trust our clients love. We keep your needs, requirements, and budget front-and-center every step of the way from start to finish on every project. 

    Is your business ready to leverage Brown and Pratt’s expertise and excellence for better results? Get the conversation started by reaching us through the Contact page of our website, calling us at 888-659-9450 to learn more about what we can do for you, or filling out our online Request a Quote form. We look forward to helping you!

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