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We Can Print Your Custom Bag Order of Less Than 3,000

For small quantity runs, it is inefficient and expensive to custom produce and print your bags. In this case we POST PRINT your bag. In this case, we manually feed/print paper and plastic bags from an inventory of in-stock bag sizes and colors.

Post printed bags can be printed on one or two sides and in one or two colors depending on the distance of the colors being printed. When printing two colors, the distance can vary up to ½” between each color. Your sales representative can help you select the appropriate bag size and ink color most appropriate for your artwork.

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Tinted Low Density Poly Merchandise Bags

Available bag colors: White, Cream, Dusty Rose, and Yellow

High Density Tinted Poly Merchandise Bags

Available bag colors: Black, Cerise Red, Dusty Rose, Grape, Ivory, and Lime Green

High Density Soft Loop Shopping Bags

Available bag colors: Translucent, Black, Cerise Red, Dusty Rose, Grape, Ivory, Lime Green, Metallic Blue, Teal, Turqoise, Red, Green, Yellow

Ink Colors

Available colors: Black, Evergreen, Forest Green, Jade Green, Teal, Plum, Orange, Maroon, Red, Blush, Brown, Teak, Ocean Blue, Royal Blue, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, and Magenta Gray

Metallic Foil Colors

Available colors: Bright Silver, Matte Silver, Bright Gold, Yellow Gold, Matte Gold, Reflex Blue, Medium Blue, Bright Copper, New Penny, Orange, Dark Green, Medium Green, Teal, Maroon, Red, Pink Fuchsia, Periwinkle, Purple, and Black

Gloss Foil Colors

Available colors: Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Reflex Blue, Cream, Yellow, Maroon, Red, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Mauve, Lime Green, Medium Green, Dark Green, Teal, Purple, Taupe, Brown, Light Gray, Dark Gray, and White.
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