Will my custom manufactured box require one-time tooling charges?

Cutting dies are required for various box types such as mailers, displays, file boxes, and any item that have a self-locking or self-assembling design. There are two types of cutting dies. Flat cutting dies are used for small quantity orders of 1,000 parts or less, and rotary cutting dies, which are used in high speed presses for projects of 1,000 parts and above.

What will my cost be on cutting dies for my box?

Costs for cutting dies vary greatly, depending on the size, complexity, and type of die required. Opening costs start at about $250, but can exceed $1,000 or more. When a project requires a cutting die, we will include the cost as part of our formal estimate. Cutting die costs are only charged one time, and we will store and maintain your tooling at no additional cost.

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