A Perfect Pairing: Custom Branded Poly Mailer Bags and Tissue Paper

May 5, 2022 | Custom Printed Bags

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Businesses that want their shipping supplies to stand out understand the importance of branded packaging through custom printing of shipping supplies materials. As poly mailer bags continue to rise in popularity as the go-to way to send a huge range of products to customers, it makes sense to custom print business branding onto the bag. To further extend and reinforce company branding, smart businesses are also wrapping the products in the bag in custom printed tissue paper. This is a win-win combination that’s getting results for companies across the nation and around the world.

A Selection of the Many Benefits of Poly Mailer Bags

A growing number of companies across the USA, from small to large, are realizing how the benefits of using poly mailer bags for shipping products to customers make for a compelling business case. The largest potential positive impact on a business of switching from cardboard boxes to a poly mailer bag whenever possible is significant savings on both packaging manufacturing costs and shipping costs. 

A polybag weighs a fraction of what its corresponding cardboard weighs. The savings gained on each individual shipment may look negligible, but they quickly add up in a surprisingly short amount of time depending on the volume of products your company ships. Bubble lining for more fragile items can be added to poly mailer bags without any increase to their overall weight for shipping purposes.

Although the costs of making/purchasing poly mailer bags will vary widely by vendor, there ought to be a lower per-unit cost to make/purchase poly mailer bags compared to cardboard boxes. When you add the additional factor of custom printed branding, the price point for customizing poly mailers is typically substantially lower than customizing boxes.

The second big impact of this switch to a poly mailer bag product is more indirect but nonetheless important when it comes to your company’s eco-friendly reputation. Shipping more products in poly mailer bags takes up far less room on delivery trucks. This translates into more efficient use of delivery truck fleets, which in turn means less fossil fuel consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions driving global warming and climate change. 

Custom Printing Business Branding onto Poly Mailer Bags

The impacts of utilizing custom printing to extend your business branding to your shipping supplies cannot be underestimated. Customers love great packaging, so why not make the most of every poly mailer bag used? 

The brand possibilities for what you want to include are endless but could include your company’s logo, your website, a special message to the customer, a QR code that sends them to a landing page of your website with a special offer or discount, a hashtag that leads them to social media campaigns, contests, and offers. Exercise your creative muscles and do something different that will wow every customer who receives a product delivery from you. 

Brown and Pratt Specs for Poly Mailer Bag Custom Printing

At Brown and Pratt, we can custom make whatever size of poly mailer bag you need, or you can choose from the following standard sizes:

6″ x 9″ + 2″ 7″ x 10″ + 2″ 9″ x 12″ + 2″
10″ x 13″ + 2″ 10″ x 15.5″ + 2″ 12″ x 15.5″ + 2″
14″ x 17″ + 2″ 14″ x 19″ + 2″ 19″ x 24″ + 2″

Our deep expertise in custom printing onto packaging and state-of-the-art equipment also allows for the following:

  • Color: Up to eight colors on one or both sides of a bag with the minimum quantity ordered. 
  • Quantity: For one-color or two-color printed bags, a minimum order of 3,000 bags is required, and significant price breaks happen on order quantities of 5k, 10k, and 15k.
  • Base Color: Our poly mailer bags are white to better show a business’s printed message.
  • Turnaround: Although timeframes vary from week to week depending on how busy things are, we do our best to provide a realistic timeframe for producing your custom poly mailer bags. When dealing with new artwork, be sure to allow an additional 3–5 days for an artwork proof approval process.

To learn more about our standard and custom poly mailer bags with custom printing, see our recent blog article, Poly Mailer Bags: Why Smart Online Sellers are Making the Switch, as well as the Custom Printed Poly Mailer Bags page of our website. 

Adding Custom Printed Tissue Paper to Extend Branding Further

If you want to extend your company’s branding even further, utilize custom printed tissue paper to wrap products being sent to customers in poly mailer bags. You can create all sorts of complementary synergies between the branding carried on the outside of the poly mailer bag and the tissue paper around the products inside. If the bag branding is complex, the tissue paper used inside it might be a simple repeated pattern of the company logo. Once again, however, the possibilities are numerous in terms of what you want to convey on the tissue paper. And because tissue paper is extremely lightweight, there’s little or no impact on the overall package weight and shipping costs. Here are some of the specification options for custom printed tissue paper at Brown and Pratt:

  • Size: Any sheet size is possible, but the most common (in inches) include 20×30; 15×20; and 10×15, all of which are cut evenly off a standard stock sheet of 20×30. Other popular sheet sizes include 24×36 and 18×24. 
  • Paper Color: Choice of 75 stock color options, white, and natural brown kraft paper as well. 
  • Weight: Standard weight is 10#. If printing on white, 12#, 15#, and 18# are also possible.
  • Quantity: Minimum order for all custom printed tissue paper is 10 reams. Price breaks come in quantities of 10–25 reams, 30–55 reams, and 60–99 reams. 
  • Printing Plates: A one-time charge for printing plates ranges from $275–$375
  • Print Colors: As many as 5 PMS color-matched spot colors or a 4-color process + 2 spot colors. PMS color matching is standard, metallic colors require a 10% surcharge, 
  • Lead Time: Standard lead time is 4–5 weeks after artwork approval. Rush jobs with a 3-week turnaround after artwork approval are possible with a $150 rush fee and coverage of any additional shipping charges to meet the timeframe. 

With the flexibility of the above specifications, custom poly mailer bags and custom printed tissue paper make for a win-win branding combination when it’s time to ship your products to customers.

Brown and Pratt: A Trusted Partner for All Your Branded Packaging Needs

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Brown and Pratt has been meeting the branded packaging needs of clients and customers since 1954. Whether it’s custom printed packaging such as poly mailer bags or cardboard boxes for online retailers and to ship products to customers, or brick-and-mortar retail store packaging for products and merchandise shopping bags, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from working with a team of expert professionals who have been in the business for a long time. And we’ve been in business this long because we treat every customer and project with great care and attention to detail. 

Contact Brown & Pratt today for more information or to schedule a free consultation to find out how we can meet your custom printed packaging needs. You can call us toll-free at 888-659-9359, email us at info@brownandpratt.com, fill out our web form, or live chat with us from any page of our website.

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