Will Custom Mailers Help Your Business?

Jul 3, 2018 | Custom Printed Bags

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Finding the right mailer to fulfill orders and ship to your customers is certainly more challenging than it seems. Whether you are shipping products in corrugated boxes or poly mailers it’s important to provide a customer experience that benefits your business.

Today’s consumers are savvy. They pay attention to many aspects of their buying experience, customer service and of course branded packaging. Branded retail packaging is an important element of overall customer experience. It can create a WOW moment when your customer receives your package. Many questions come to mind when a brand or business is thinking about personalizing their mailers. If you are unsure if this is the right step for your business consider the following things.

The power of first impressions

Getting a package delivered is more than just mail. It’s an experience. Since online shopping is becoming more prevalent than traditional retail shopping it is important to make sure your customers getting the same brand experience as shopping at a retail location. Many retailers are making branded shipping a priority to establish a great impression with their customers. Strong packaging design aims to excite, inform and create a desire for the product inside. Stepping up your company’s branding can make a deeper, more lasting connection with the target audience.

Secure delivery

Custom packaging and custom poly mailer bags provide rigorous security and protection tailored specifically to fit your needs. When opting for custom mailers you finally have peace of mind that your merchandise will reach your customer safely. Customer mailers and poly mailers can withstand the switching of hands as well as inclement weather conditions. They also offer tamper-evident sealing options to ensure the correct recipient opens the package.

Variety of options

A huge benefit of custom mailers is the variety of products to specifically fit your business needs. This includes, but is not limited to branding boxes, printed bags, custom corrugated boxes, poly bags and even custom tape. The options are endless and give your business the opportunity to create a true brand identity that resonates with your customers.

Promote and protect

Custom mailing provides packaging options to specifically fit your merchandise. This means increased protection of your product and increased promotion of your brand. It is essential to keep your product safe and secure until it reaches its final destination and a great marketing opportunity to brand your package to align with your mission and its brand. Customizing your mailers can set you apart from competitors and encourages the customer to tell their friends about your business and also provide positive product reviews.

Cohesive branding

We all appreciate attractive packaging and know that feeling of excitement when we receive something in the mail. If you have a brand established and ship physical items to your customers you have the perfect opportunity to enhance your brand experience as well as your customer loyalty. Custom packaging can create a cohesive brand and build trust in your company and the products you offer. As we mentioned previously, customizing your boxes to fit your brand allows the initial positive impression and invites you to build a more personal relationship with the consumer.

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