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Ordering Custom Plastic Bags in Bulk

When a bag quantity reaches 3,000 or 5,000 bags (depending on the bag size, thickness, and number of colors) a bag run becomes cost effective and efficient enough to justify a custom manufacturing. At this point, we will custom produce and print your film followed by converting your film into bags.
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Ink Colors

Custom produced bags can be printed from 1 to 8 colors of ink. For exact matching of your specific artwork color, please reference the exact PMS color from our PMS color Chart.

Printing Plates

All custom printed orders are subject to a one-time printing plate charge to custom produce your custom printing plates. Printing plate prices are based on the size of the image being printed as well as the number of colors in your artwork. Your sales representative can quote you an exact cost for printing plates if you supply them with your artwork, preferred bag size, and imprint size.

We accept all digital artwork including PDF, AI, and EPS formats. Our goal is to provide the best possible print for our customers. In printing, what you see is what you get. That means if the artwork looks rough and jagged or the edges are not sharp and well defined, your printed image will look rough or blurry.

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