What is a blister packaging?

Blister packaging is a form of plastic packaging that is molded to suit numerous smaller commercial goods. These packages are a common sight in the pharmaceutical industry and retail stores. They have a plastic cavity section where the product fits and a lidding that allows for removal of the product. Blister packs often use a paperboard card for such a backing.

Blister packs have been used for items ranging from office supply sets to children’s toys. They are a popular option because they are generally more environmentally safe and the product window allows for clear visibility. The plastic used in the packs is often polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This plastic is molded in a unique process called thermoforming.

These versatile packages can be used in numerous industries to enhance your product visually. In addition, the paperboard may be used to supply important information about why your items are of the highest quality. Visit www.businessimageprinting.com to find out more about blister packs and what they can do for your business.

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