Custom Printed Bakery Tape

Custom Printed Bakery Tape

Despite its industry-specific name, bakery tape is actually used in a variety of applications. Also known as “bag-sealing tape,” bakery tape can survive cold temperatures and high humidity, which makes it popular for food-related businesses like grocery stores, catering companies, and, of course, bakeries.

Printed bakery tape gives you the ability to display your personal branding on the packaging tape you use to seal food bags.

  • Bakers and food preparers can use this custom printed tape to ensure every package is branded while being sold in grocery stores or gift shops.
  • Markets and retail stores can also use printed bakery tape to brand packages with their own logo or name.
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Colors and Materials

Bakery tape is a type of masking tape made from polyvinyl chloride. The tape is pressure sensitive to allow it to survive a variety of conditions. It is available in a variety of colors to match a company’s branding, but with printed bakery tape, it might be appropriate to choose a tape color that makes the print stand out.

In addition to enforcing your branding, printed bakery tape firmly holds bags together. You often find it is a reliable way to seal bags to keep the food inside fresh. Because this type of packaging tape is so versatile, it can be used on other items in a bakery or store, as well, ensuring one type of tape has a large number of uses.

Custom Tape

Brown & Pratt specializes in custom tape for businesses in all industries. This includes paper tape and packing tape for shipping. We offer printed tape options on many different types of tape to make it easier for you to package items in an attractive manner. Our printed packing tape options allow you to make the most of every square inch of a package’s wrapping as it ships.

Printed bakery tape can be used in combination with other shipping, packing, and bundling supplies to create an overall look. When executed in the right way, this type of branding can leave a lasting impression, not only on the customers who buy the products but also everyone who sees those packages from the time they leave the store.

With printed bakery tape, businesses can seal packages and bags with a tape that resists low temperatures and moisture. When customized with a brand’s logos and slogans, this tape can serve as a great marketing tool for any business.

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