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Artwork Specifications for Custom Printed Boxes

How To Submit Your Artwork

Pomeroy custom printed boxesAll artwork should be supplied in PDF version 1.3 format (acrobat 4 compatibility).

  • Press optimised PDF/X-1a:2001 version is required
  • All fonts fully embedded
  • CMYK for colour images, no RGB colours
  • PDFs should not be tagged for colour management (ICC colours)
  • Use greyscale colour space for black/white
  • Image resolution of greyscale and colour images should be at least 300 dpi
  • No Open Press Interface (OPI) should be included
  • All transparent objects must be flattened prior to PDF creation
  • Ensure the file image is identical in print size to the required printed version
  • The trim box setting should be present in all PDF ad files
  • The bleed box setting should be present in all PDF ad files with bleed
  • A Double-Page-Spread (DPS) should be supplied as two separate full page PDF files marked “L” (left)& “R” (right).

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