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Packaging Services Frequently Asked Questions

Things I should know when customizing poly bags:

  1. Quantity: There are always set-up charges which are included in your quote on custom printed poly bags. As your quantity increases, it will decrease your cost per bag.
  2. Size: What item is going into this bag? How is the bag going to be used? These two questions are instrumental in answering your size requirements in terms of bag thickness as well as dimensions.
  3. Thickness / Gauge: How will your bag be used? Trade show bags can afford to be a lighter gauge while a bag holding auto parts requires a film that can hold sharper, heavier products.
  4. Printed or Plain: Although a plain bag is self-explanatory, if you are interested in us applying your custom print we need more information regarding artwork/logo, number of ink colors, percentage of ink coverage, and the number of sides you plan on printing.
  5. Handle / No Handle: A plain flat bag is great for parts, but a tradeshow or carry-out bag will typically have a handle for convenience.

Things I should know when customizing corrugated boxes:

  1. Quantity: There are always set-up charges which are included in your quote on corrugated boxes. As your quantity increases, it will decrease your cost per box.
  2. Size of item(s) being contained:
  3. Weight of item(s) being contained:
  4. How will the boxes be shipped: Will these boxes be stacked on a skid and stretch wrapped or shipped individually by your choice carrier?
  5. Printed / Un-Printed: It is beneficial to have an idea of the artwork you are looking to print on your custom boxes. Ink color, number of sides printed, and complexity of artwork are all critical aspects of the custom box process.


Q: Will I see a proof of my custom product with my artwork prior to production?
A: Prior to printing plates & production, we will send you a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) of your bag or other custom item. We will not continue with printing plates of production without your approval.

Q: How best should I provide you with camera ready artwork?
A: We accept artwork in a digital format. In most cases, for a 1 color print, a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) will work well. For multiple color artwork, the best formats are Adobe Illustrator files (AI), or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). Pixilated files such as TIF, BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG are often times not useable for printing in spot colors. If JPG or GIF files are the only files available, we will check them out for you to see if they are useable. In the event that they are not, we can estimate the cost to recreate your artwork.

Technical Information:

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Over half of all plastic film today are Polyethylene and LDPE. LDPE is a great source of tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and water barrier properties.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Hi-D bags are made of from a thinner gauge material to lower both the cost of the bags and shipping. HDPE bags are popular due to their strength. They are not as clear and less flexible than LDPE bags.

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