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Helping Your Business with Custom Product Packaging

For every business, making sure your audience remembers you and your brand is vital in continuing to grow and succeed. Today, every person you consider part of your audience is overwhelmed with brand messaging. At every point, from home, to work, to out in public, they are bombarded with brands and messages. To stand out among these other brands, you’ll need to find every available point where an audience member might be able to see your brand and add your mark.

Your brand is just as special as the other brands your audience members will see, so keep your message front and center for them. Marketing goes beyond advertising; it also extends out to product packaging. Brown & Pratt has been a dedicated product packaging partner since 1954, with services that reach across multiple industries including restaurant, manufacturing, medical, warehousing & distribution, retail, laundry & dry cleaning, and more. We keep your products secure, while keeping your brand prominent.

Many people might not be aware that when you ship a product from your business, you create another point at which the customer or individuals can experience your brand. In a saturated world of branding with a wide variety of messaging, finding the extra little ways to stand out is worth the time, effort and cost. Today, your brand can’t just live in your store or website. To make sure that you’re as memorable as possible to your customers, your brand has to have that special extra effort in product packaging.

A blank package does nothing to evoke your brand. With customers used to receiving many packages, custom product packaging will help them remember you. With custom product packaging, you will be able to showcase the look and feel that makes your brand and products stand out as unique. With a brand that’s easier to recognize, your customers will continue to see the difference that you bring to your products. Your brand journey will live at every step of the buying process, and you’ll be able to see increased customer loyalty. At every phase of product packaging, Brown & Pratt will allow you to truly stand out against the competition. 

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Custom Printed Boxes

With your logo and mark on the boxes your customers receive, you’ll know that they’ll remember your brand as one that stands apart from the competition. At Brown & Pratt, we’re experienced partners for businesses across every industry looking to get the custom printing they need for boxes. No matter what you’re selling, we’re here to help you take your packaging boxes up to the next level.

If you’re looking for the industry standard RSC shipping box, we can support you and have your brand’s logo make the package stand out. Looking for customers to easily open and view you products in all of their glory? Tuck top mailer boxes are easily customizable with our process. We can support you in making a statement with a deluxe mailer box, equipped with a thick weight and bold colors.

Our custom printing for boxes is crafted with your brand in mind.  Our advanced color matching system as well as different types of high-quality inks can make whatever order you’re looking to place work for you, your customers, and your budget. Brown & Pratt is equipped to handle small or large production runs, and can make sure that you’re able to supply custom printed boxes to customers for years to come.

Custom Printed Tape

Aside from your boxes, you can keep your brand visible to your customers through sealing with custom printed tape. When you use custom printed tape, you can communicate a number of things about your brand or product in a place that you’ll be sure the customer will see before they end up opening your package. You could convey what side of the box should be facing up, as well as other information on handling procedure during the shipment process. 

These make sure that the package can be delivered safely, all while showcasing your brand in front of customers in a cost-effective and memorable way.

Since custom printed shipping tape can be regularly changed across a variety of different messages, it can be easier and more appropriate than printing your boxes in certain applications. Perhaps for some packages you’ll be looking most to communicate safety information in line with your brand. For others, you might want to show new announcements or simply make sure they see your logo at every possible point of the process. No matter how you need to customize your printed tape, Brown & Pratt’s high-quality process ensures you’ll have beautiful packaging that’s as functional for your business as it is stylish.


Custom Printed Plastic Bags

Many things about the packaging industry have changed since Brown & Pratt began in 1954, but we’ve always innovated to continue to provide the best possible products and services. Plastic bags are now commonplace among every brand looking to sell and ship products, and we offer a total range of printing, thickness and complete customizability to make sure we can provide the custom plastic bags to suit your exact requirements.

Whether they’re getting the product in the mail or walking away from your store holding it in a plastic bag, we have the options to make sure your brand is printed on the bag with the best possible accuracy. Our advanced color-matching system makes sure the best possible vision of your brand is brought to life. With our durable water-based flexographic inks, your imagery will be able to stand up to wear and tear in a huge variety of colors.

No matter what type of customized product packaging you need, Brown & Pratt has the experience and the variety of product to make sure your customers can see your brand at every step of the way. Keeping your brand in front of customers is more important than ever in standing out, and with the right product packaging services you’ll be able to do right by your brand. Contact us today and get a quote at 888-353-1664.

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