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Corrugated and Self-Sealing Mailing Envelopes

Mailing bags and envelopes are designed to protect items being mailed throughout the entire delivery process. At Brown and Pratt, our wide array of these products will accommodate any need – from poly mailers that provide moisture protection to padded and bubble mailers for extra protection, we have a solution that will work for you.

Benefits of Mailing Envelopes and Mailing Bags

These shipping products provide several benefits, including:

  • Product protection, especially convenient for fragile items
  • A professional appearance
  • The ability to be custom printed in large quantities
  • Availability in a variety of sizes, types, styles, and cushioning options
  • Reusability
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The Right Fit Matters

Mailing bag and mailing envelope sizes vary and making sure you select the right size for what you’re sending is critical. As a business owner, it’s especially critical to present a professional appearance whenever you’re shipping products or other items to customers (or potential customers). Going the extra mile to ensure the items you’re sending arrive in the same great condition they were in before mailing will greatly enhance customer satisfaction.

Types of Mailing Bags and Envelopes

We have a great selection of mailing bag and envelope products, including:

  • Bubble Mailers – These are one of the lightest protective envelopes out there. We carry Kraft Self-Seal, Kraft Heat-Seal, and White Self-Seal bubble mailers.
  • Corrugated Envelopes – Give the extra protection needed for valuable flat items such as photos.
    Flat mailers – Convenient and easy to use, these mailers are also environmentally friendly.
  • Jiffy Rigi Bag Mailers – With a laminated fiberboard construction, these bags protect from folds, bends, and creases. They provide padded protection for contents while also being lightweight.
  • Padded Mailers – These provide good shock absorption and damage protection.
  • Paper Envelopes – We carry a large assortment of types and sizes, including business, inter-department, self-seal, redi-seal, and clasp.
  • Plastic Mailing Bags and Plastic Mailing Envelopes – These give simple and effective protection. Being lightweight, they are a very cost-effective way to send documents and items. They’re also water resistant.
  • Poly Mailers and Envelopes – These strong polyethylene mailers are water resistant, protecting products from moisture. They’re also highly durable, providing resistance to punctures and tears. Order a poly mailer bag now.
  • Tamper Resistant Mailers – These mailers provide the extra security necessary when sending highly confidential documents, protecting them from any unauthorized openings.
    And we have a whole lot more! Contact us today to learn more about these and the other products we have.
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