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Packaging Shrink Wrap Protects For Shipping and Storage

Shrink wrap is an important part of your shipping supplies, serving to protect items as they ship, wait in storage facilities, or sit on shelves in stores. Shrink wrap can also be used to make it easy to detect when an item has been tampered with, while also discouraging tampering altogether.

Packaging shrink wrap comes in a variety of types, depending on whether you need it to be unidirectional or bi-directional. At Brown & Pratt, we help you find the right shrink wrap to meet you particular needs.

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Shrink Wrap for Shipping

Many businesses use shipping shrink wrap to keep contents safe as they travel through the postal system. The biggest benefit to shipping wrap is that it keeps internal contents safely contained while a box is packed up inside a larger box or envelope for mailing. Since many businesses also use packing materials to prevent damage, shipping shrink film can help keep a product’s packaging from collecting dirt and debris while inside the shipping package.

Having items protected by shrink film for shipping also helps manufacturers once the item arrives at its destination. Because the item is already shrink wrapped, it can be placed directly on store shelves or in a stock room, keeping it safe from dust and debris in the days until it can be used.

Shrink Wrap for Storage

Sometimes items can remain on shelves for months. During that time, environmental factors can discolor the packaging on an item, making it unsalable.

Packaging shrink wrap is a perfect way to protect items from this type of damage, keeping them looking brand new until a customer purchases them. If the shrink wrap becomes dirty during this time, a business can simply remove the shrinking wrap and the item looks as though it is new.

Theft Prevention

Packaging shrink wrap is also ideal for preventing theft or tampering while a product is on store shelves or in storage. Employees and customers can sometimes take items from a box and leave it on the shelves, looking as though nothing has changed. With shrink wrap in place, you have peace of mind and theft is often deterred.

Brown & Pratt is the perfect resource for packaging shrink wrap. Our focus on quality products and personalized customer service will help you locate the perfect shrink wrap option to meet your needs.

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