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Pre-Printed, Colored, Plain Packing List Envelopes

Here at Brown & Pratt we understand the importance of your packing lists, invoices, and shipping orders. That’s why we strive to provide them with ultimate protection.

No longer will you have to worry about your crucial personal or business documents, as you can simply slide them into one of our packing list envelopes and rest assured they will reach their destination with no harm whatsoever.

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Heavy Duty Packing List Envelopes

As you know, your envelopes can be affected by a large variety of different elements during shipping. Sometimes the oil from the vehicle can leak and entirely destroy the envelopes. Other times excessive water or dirt can have the same effect.

All our envelopes are made with heavy-duty 2 Mil poly which protects them thoroughly, and prevents all this from happening. They will stay attached to a box or any other shipping container throughout the entire process, and will withstand any kind of handling, no matter how rough it is.

Variety of Sizes and Styles

Presentation is important too, and that’s why we offer hundreds of different sizes so they can fit every shipping container. Our packing list envelopes come in a wide array of styles too, from plain and pre-printed, colored and clear, all the way to panel face and full face envelopes. We have envelopes that are perfectly suited for any occasion and fit to every shipping container.

Aesthetics are important as well, and you will be able to effectively stand out from the rest by buying intricately designed, fully customizable envelopes that will make your clients remember you. Safety is our number one concern so your items will reach the destination entirely unaffected by anything encountered during the shipping process.

Competitive Pricing

With Brown & Pratt you get a guaranteed source of heavy duty, dirt, water and oil resistant and stylish envelopes. And we can fulfill your product needs at prices to suit a variety of budgets.

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