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Shipping Tags for Any Package Type

When a package needs to be shipped, the first order of business is to complete labels that go on the outside. But what about those instances where labels can’t be applied?

Shipping Tags Instead of Labels

Shipping tags attach to oddly-shaped packages to ensure they get to their intended destination. Usually made from manila paper, these tags have a small hole with a heavy-duty string that attaches to the package, holding the tag in place.

To endure even the most trying shipping conditions, shipping tags are made from paper that resists damage. The string itself can be either strong string or wire that will also resist damage in transit. Shipping tags with wire are made from 26-gauge wire pre-cut to very specific lengths. You can order these tags in specific quantities to have enough on hand to take care of your shipping needs for many future orders.

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One of the best features of these tags is that they offer a smooth writing surface to make it as easy as possible to address them. Colored shipping tags give you a branding opportunity, since they can be produced to match the rest of your packaging materials. Colors are light enough so that they will not obscure the address as written on the tag, giving you the ability to express your own brand without getting in the way of the package being delivered.

Custom shipping tags are also available to hold a specialized message. Tags can be branded with your company’s logo and name, as well as instructions specific to the contents of a package. While shipping tags are designed for items that make affixing mailing labels difficult, they are useful in many applications.

String vs. Wire

In choosing shipping tags, durability is a top priority. This applies not only to the paper, but to the eyelet and string, as well. Shipping tags with string provide more versatility in attaching the tag to the package, but they can tend to be less durable than shipping tags with wire. String can sometimes be more expensive than wire, however, so it’s important to watch for that when pricing tags.

If you need shipping tags, there are a variety of options. With customization, various color options, and multiple durability options, you can find the best tag for your needs.

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