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Heavy Duty Storage and Shipping Boxes

Brown and Pratt has a tremendous selection of boxes available to meet your shipping and packaging needs. We specialize in shipping boxes and are sure to have the best size and style to accommodate your items.
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What are you Shipping? We have the right size for you!

Selecting a shipping or packaging box is not a one size fits all proposition. At Brown and Pratt, we have boxes available in dozens of sizes and designs. Choose from long, tall, flat, cube, oversized, telescoping and every size box in between.

Have a specific need?
We have boxes for a number of applications

  • Moving boxes
  • Computer packing
  • Hazardous Material Storage and Shipping
  • Heavy Duty Storage and Shipping
  • Bulk Cargo Boxes
If you have a specialty situation or have had difficulty selecting the right box size or type, we are available to assist you in finding the best shipping and storage solutions. Contact Brown and Pratt today for more information!
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