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steel strappingBrown and Pratt supplies a complete line of strapping and banding supplies to ensure your items are stored or shipped safely and securely.

  • Heavy duty steel strapping with the strength and durability for heavy shipments
  • Flexible, yet strong polyester and polypropylene strapping
  • Strapping, tools, carts and accessories to ensure efficient and safe securing of shipments
  • Strapping guards to protect your products from damage
  • Woven polyester cord which is easy to use, moisture resistance and lightweight
  • Portable strapping kits that include everything you need for a quick securing of products
  • Smooth, durable and pliable twine which may be utilized for a number of applications.

Brown and Pratt is your complete source for shipping and packaging materials.   Our staff is ready to assist you in choosing the best options for your business or personal needs.  Contact us today to find out how we can help make your job easier!

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