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Edge Protectors

Steel Strapping Edge Protectors

steel-strapping-edge-protectorsEdge Protectors

  • Edge protectors provide additional strength to the edges of your products where damage most often occurs.
  • Whether you’re using steel strapping, poly strapping or stretch film, edge protectors are a cost effective way to protect and secure products
  • Pallet edge protectors not only protect edges, but enhance stabilization of loads
  • Pre-printed “Do Not Double Stack” edge protectors made of durable fiberboard material.

Strapping Protectors

  • Durable fiberboard protectors reduce the risk of strapping material cutting into products by spreading tension more evenly.
  • Plastic strap guards protect against damage created by steel and poly strapping.

Reduce shifting and damage of products with Brown and Pratt’s line of edge protectors and guards

Brown and Pratt is your shipping and packaging expert.  We will help you select the best solution to package and ship your products safely.  Contact us today to learn more about our complete line of products.

Edge Protectors - Cased
Edge Protectors – Cased
Edge Protectors - Skid Lot
Edge Protectors – Skid Lot
"DO NOT DOUBLE STACK" Edge Protectors
“DO NOT DOUBLE STACK” Edge Protectors
Strapping Protectors
Strapping Protectors
Plastic Strap Guards
Plastic Strap Guards


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