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Corrugated Mailers and Carrying Cases

Designed to provide strong protection for mailing, storing, shipping and displaying products! Whether you are looking for a certain size or have a specific application in mind, you should easily find the right mailer, box or display to fit your needs! All products are in stock and ready to ship!
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Mailers Make Shipping Easier for Your Business

Mailers are designed to make the shipping process easier by protecting the items being shipped and reducing the cost of sending materials by mail. Their insulated bubble wrap lining offers the convenience of envelopes with the protection of sturdier packaging. Corrugated mailers make a great impression on the recipient, which is especially important when you are using mailers for professional mailings.

Mailers can be made from different materials, including kraft or poly paper. Some are tan or white in color, but you can also use high-impact mailers that are available in a variety of colors. This is a great way to stand out from your competition and make an impression on clients.

Self-Sealing and Safe
Mailers are self-sealing and extremely easy to use. This not only provides the convenience you need to mail items in bulk, it also provides a level of security not available with standard envelopes. Mailers are tamper-evident, so if damage does occur, your recipient will know it immediately and can contact you to remedy the situation. In most cases, our secure cardboard mailers deter tampering and offer an extra layer of protection without a significant increase in shipping cost.
Waterproof Mailers
Poly mailers are even more secure and made from tear-free polyethylene. This style mailer is also waterproof, which is excellent if you are concerned about the climate into which you are mailing or you are mailing items that could potentially cause damage if they break and spill. Protection is provided from the inside and out with these heavy duty mailers.
The Right Size for Each Job
Mailers are great for businesses large and small. They create a professional appearance for shipping items of all shapes and sizes. Mailers can even be designed with your company logo for an added impact that exposes your company to everyone who touches the mailer. Mailers are also reusable, so once your client receives the items he or she ordered, the mailer can be use again and again, protecting items as they are shipped from one location to another.

Mailing items in packaging that is not suitable to what is inside is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner. It might seem minor, but when shipping products, you want to be sure you are making a professional impression and you are protecting the item from the point it leaves your company to when it arrives in the mailbox of your customer.

Custom mailers are one of the best ways to accomplish all of these goals. They make customers happier and enhance the experience of doing business with you.

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