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Packaging Bubble Wrap & Lightweight Packaging

Brown and Pratt offers a fully array of bubble and foam packaging materials. Our lightweight yet incredibly durable bubble packaging works well for bubble wrapping or filling voids in boxes.

  • Bubble wrap products stretch well beyond their original size. This allows bubble wrap to be tightly wrapped around products regardless of shape or size. Bubble wrap protects edges and corners from damage and is highly resistant to puncturing. Available in standard and anti-static form.
  • Perforated foam rolls offer each tear off to meet the dimensions of your products during shipping. Foam packaging is gentle on products and the environment and is resistant to punctures, tears and moisture.
    Instapak Quick foam is an easy to use protective foam cushion. This is a quick, no mess method of protecting your valuable products during shipping
  • Fill-Air is an efficient void filling method using rapid fill bags.
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