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Today’s e-commerce businesses need shipping supplies. Even local businesses will at least occasionally need to ship items to customers in other states, especially if the products they sell make great gifts.

While in transit, package labels are essential to ensuring products get to their destination in great condition and without delay. Labels reading, “This Side Up” and “Fragile” are a great way to keep items safe while still keeping packages professional.

To make the most of the real estate on packages, custom packaging labels can be created to promote your brand. These custom shipping labels feature the same high-quality paper used in other labels while also displaying your logo and business information.

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Label Options

Brown & Pratt offers shipping labels in a variety of quantities and sizes to meet your particular needs. Labels come in a roll format, making them easy to attach to a dispenser for better accessibility. In addition to selling shipping labels, we also offer dispensers for many labels, often both in table-top and wall-mounted versions.

By storing package labels conveniently on walls and tables, you can set up an environment where multiple workers can manage the shipping and handling process. This is especially beneficial during busy seasons, when extra hands are brought in to help with extra orders.

Special Labels

In addition to standard caution labels, we also offer packaging labels that keep items secure during shipping. Small mailing labels are ideal for sealing packages and envelopes and with us, customers have the option of labels in clear acetate, frosty white paper, and white paper, along with the dispenser rolls necessary to store them for easy access.

We also have “Made in the U.S.A.” labels that can affix to the outside of boxes or inside with packaging materials. The receivables process can be expedited through the use of labels that catalog who receives each item, as well as “Packing List Enclosed” shipping labels that alert recipients to the internal contents.

When you need shipping labels, we can help. With custom packaging labels and standard shipping labels, you can send the message you want while also maintaining a package’s professional look. When combined with our personalized customer service and top-quality products, it’s no surprise that many businesses turn to Brown & Pratt for all of their packaging and shipping needs.

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