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Subscription boxes are gaining more and more popularity every year among consumers. These boxes could be filled with beauty products, products relevant to a particular holiday, products for dogs or other pets, wine, and even kids. Each package is generally customized to the customer specifically, according to their needs and wants—that’s where a partner like Brown & Pratt comes in.
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Why An Expert Subscription Box Packaging Partner Is A Necessity

The customers receiving the boxes should be satisfied with every single box they receive. To satisfy them, an expert subscription box packing plan is essential. The customer can receive frozen baby food that will still be frozen when it arrives, or a box full of plants that are healthy and ready to be taken care of.

To keep these sorts of unique boxes looking right and keeping the customer happy, you need an expert who understands packaging from a perspective of branding and function. Subscription boxes can provide packages with unique looks, allowing them to stand out from other boxes, and should be designed to hold up well during travel to their destination.

Our expert packaging design also includes research regarding the competition. A major factor is the look of the packaging, because this is what the customer initially sees; the initial moment when the brand is on full display. The packaging needs to be able to compete with the competition within the same subscription box market in order to stand out and act as an investment in brand loyalty.

Functional, and Fun, Packaging

When a customer signs up for a subscription box, the box is usually filled with products within a specific market. Whether it’s a lifestyle box, which can include anything from makeup to skincare to shaving products, a box full of clothing tailored to the customer’s tastes, or treats and toys for pets, there are so many options for every niche—and that’s where we come in to help.

Brown & Pratt has worked with a variety of companies to fulfill their packaging needs. Whether it’s colorful boxes with frozen baby food or packaging that reflects a bold brand that is as unique as each of their artists. Our shipping and packaging solutions always include space to extend and reinforce a company’s brand.

How Brown & Pratt Affects The Subscription Box Business Plan

The subscription box capitalizes on building a relationship with the customer. As long as the customer continues to see the value in the subscription or continues to be satisfied with it, they will continue with the subscription and pay. The best way to build and nurture the customer and subscription box relationship is by having reliable packaging that is exactly what the brand is looking for. After all, Brown & Pratt’s success flourishes through the brands we work with.
Assuming the subscription boxes are successful, there needs to be continuous growth. A significant part of this is scalability. The boxes need to be able to be scaled as demand continues to grow. Using the expert packaging plan from Brown & Pratt allows for this scalability.

Scalability is something that we at Brown & Pratt have proven to be successful with, making it smooth and simple for any company. When we achieve what the brand wants for their packaging, the brand only needs to worry about the products within the box.

Furthermore, we’re a committed partner. For example: when the freight costs that were getting our packaging to one of our clients became a concern, the company tried out other packaging vendors. We worked tirelessly to show them that Brown & Pratt was the best choice to fulfill what they needed. Because of our efforts and commitment as a partner, the client evaluated their position and decided that partnering with our teams, using our design, was worth the added freight cost. We pride ourselves on that kind of service and deliverability.

Brown & Pratt: Finding the Sweet Spot Between Client Vision and Packaging Capabilities

With each branding having such a specific vision of what they want their packaging to look like, many other vendors are forced to hit their clients with harsh realities and roadblocks. At Brown & Pratt, we aim to find the sweet spot between the client’s vision and packaging capabilities. We work collaboratively with the client to capture the brand’s voice in packaging, because that’s what it’s mainly about: creating something that the client is happy with and can be proud to pass on to their customers. Packaging reflects the brand.

Clients come to us wanting a solution that isn’t on the market already; one that can reflect their unique vision. Sometimes brands want a lot of detail printed on their boxes, others want a variety of colors. There can be some challenges regarding mechanics of how some boxes need to be printed, something Brown & Pratt has faced.

At the end of the day, the machines that do the actual printing can only be adjusted to a certain level. Custom printing needs to be done when the box is flat, and sometimes printing can become an issue when there just isn’t a lot of surface area to print on.
While most vendors would say they can’t do it, Brown & Pratt takes on the challenge and succeeds. This is how we exemplify our expertise in packaging; we put our best foot forward.

Our team also ensures that the client’s packaging is the best it can be, outside of the way it looks. If the type of box needs to be changed due to weight or size, we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you, the client, are fully satisfied with the packaging. We can even customize the shipping tape to make it as bold and as unique as the brand on display. We’re a partner that finds inventive solutions.

Another way we are able to achieve everything a client needs is through matching the right sales representative to the client. We want you to be entirely comfortable while working with us to ensure we are both getting the most out of our relationship. With the right match of salesperson to the client, there is an ease to the collaborative relationship. To get in contact with us and explore a partnership with one of the most dedicated teams in the industry, call us at 317-353-1664 or send us an email using the specialized form below.

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