Is Paper Or Plastic Packaging Better?

Dec 26, 2018 | Packaging Materials

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Paper or Plastic Packaging?

The holiday season and into the new year display the highest shipping frequencies all year. With holiday gifts headed cross-country; and organizations working to get final orders out in time and out in the new year; packaging is in high demand. As you look to package your items and gifts this season, what should you consider:  paper or plastic?

Depending on your need, either, or both might be best suited. But knowing and understanding the benefits of each can give you the best solution.

The Benefits of Paper

Taking a sustainable approach to packaging points most directly to paper options. Biodegradable, paper packaging is better for the environment if disregarded and not recycled. It also has a strong ability to be reused or repurposed.

Paper packaging is also more often standardized, lending itself to sectioned sizes and weights that make calculating shipping costs easy. Depending on the weight of your item, paper packaging offers the size and durability to ensure it stays in place.

The added room between your item and the packaging sides creates the opportunity for added protection and safety. Corrugated packaging offers a sturdy container to make sure items are not bumped or bruised along the way.

While paper is slightly more expensive than plastic, the quality shows. Paper packaging and shipping supplies make a statement, often denoting a perceived heightened value, which can help your brand stand out.

Brown & Pratt offers an array of custom paper packaging and supplies solutions that help you stand out and protect your items!

The Benefits of Plastic

There’s something classic about sending and receiving a paper package – but is it really the best fit for your particular item?

The durability of plastic packaging is one of the strongest reasons to opt-in. Especially during the winter months, plastic packaging’s strongest benefit is ever-the-more apparent. With ice, snow and slush and everything else winter throws our way, plastic packaging protects items inside from facing winter weather. On the shelf or in inventory, plastic packaging has a longer lifespan and keeps items contained and uncontaminated for a longer period of time.

Plastic packaging also offers heightened flexibility. Plastic allows easier formation for whatever need you might have – from your smallest to your largest item.

Another strong benefit to plastic packaging is its affordability. Plastic is highly inexpensive and can cut costs. Especially in bulk, plastic can be a great option for any budget.

Plastic packaging’s printing capabilities create bright, bold patterns and colors, such as custom poly bags, that make your brand or organization standout, whether you’re giving a gift in-hand or shipping it away.

While paper gets the credit for being a more sustainable option for its ability to biodegrade, plastic is also recyclable, and, in reverse, has the ability to be best reused. Because of its durability, plastic can be used in repetition, supporting possible re-shipping or secondary uses after a first-time shipment.

Brown & Pratt offers various custom plastic products that give your brand added appeal and help protect your packages through the winter months.

Which should I choose?

As you make the decision between these two sources, these three questions can help steer you to the best decision.

  1. What kind of statement am I trying to make?
    Sustainable items and packaging can lead perceptions straight toward paper. Paper packaging can also portray a more quality or high-end tone versus plastic.
  2. What kind of protection does my item need?
    If you’re worried your item won’t withstand the weather or might be victim to the elements, plastic packaging can offer stronger protection.
  3. What is my budget?
    If you’re looking to cut cost, plastic packaging can offer a more affordable solution.

From the tissue paper which ensures the safe journey of your delivery, to the packing tape that seals the deal, Brown & Pratt has the affordable custom products your packaging needs.

We specialize in printed boxesplastic bags, and printed tape that can give your delivery that personal touch. Customers opening a box to enjoy your product will remember you with a perfectly branded, memorable experience.

Contact us today to know what branding move is best for you!

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