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Oct 1, 2018 | Packaging Materials

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Taking a Sustainable Approach to Packaging

Thousands of customized boxes and bags come out of Brown & Pratt’s facilities each week, and those materials add up. In order to avoid taking a toll on the environment, we have committed to using sustainable materials in our box and bag products.

By taking a sustainable approach to producing and reusing our products, we aim to have a positive effect on the environment and minimize our carbon footprint.

Cardboard Products

Cardboard supplies and boxes are an essential part of the packing and shipping industry, and we supply cardboard boxes for any need. We keep sustainability in mind when we construct our commercial boxes, knowing that the ways in which boxes can be reused and recycled are critical for our customers to do their part in protecting our environment.

The most popular sustainability approach relating to cardboard is reusing them. And not just again as another box – there are many ways a cardboard box can be reused including:

  • Using them to make gifts or as stationery, school projects, insulation or as an organizer
  • As a vessel for shipping items
  • Material for your garden or outside areas

Cardboard boxes are not only reusable when they are used and cared for properly, but the materials are also recyclable when they no longer serve a purpose. This makes cardboard an ideal choice to use in order to help preserve the planet.

Recycling Cardboard

If you need to get rid of a cardboard box, it should be recycled rather than thrown in the trash. It is important for companies and consumers to recycle cardboard correctly, as it creates greenhouse gas and methane when sent to a landfill. These gas emissions contribute to the greenhouse effect, which is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Cardboard Recycling Process

The 5-step process for recycling cardboard products is a simple one:

  • Assemble all of the cardboard materials that are ready to be recycled and have them picked up or take them to your local recycling plant.
  • At the plant, the cardboard will be sorted according to its material – whether boxboard or corrugated.
  • The materials are then soaked in a specialized mixture that breaks down the cardboard fibers and creates a pulp.
  • That pulp is then filtered and stripped, removing any foreign materials and dyes.
  • New materials are then mixed with the clean pulp, dried and formed into solid sheets that can be reused.

Sustainable Approach to Custom Bags

Brown & Pratt’s custom paper shopping bags are reusable and recyclable, featuring natural brown kraft paper that is completely biodegradable.

In addition to the standard polypropylene and polyethylene films we use on printed poly bags, we offer the increasingly popular biodegradable option as well as reusable options such as non-woven polypropylene bags that are eco-friendly.

Plastic Bag Recycling Process

  • Be sure to remove anything inside the bags so they’re completely empty. Any items left inside will contaminate your bag load.
  • Keep a bag collection bin in your home, such as one big garbage bag for all bags. It is common to be able to fit many dozens of plastic bags into one larger bag.
  • Make sure any bags you are recycling have a #2 polyethylene or the thinner, low-density #4 symbol on them. Look for the #2 or #4. If not, you can’t be sure if it’s recyclable, so you’ll want to reuse it instead.
  • Get as many uses out of the bag before it is discarded.

Sustainability and Quality With Brown & Pratt

If you need quality custom branded bags or boxes and have environmental responsibility on your checklist, contact the team at Brown & Pratt.

Our experienced and friendly team can fulfill your needs for any shipping or carrying needs. Have a big event? Make an impression with our custom printed products. We’ll even provide insights for you to consider sustainability after your needs have been met.

Get a free quote today or call us to take care of all of your packaging, shipping and print needs!

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