Custom Printed Tissue Paper Can Help You Stand Out

Jul 30, 2018 | Packaging Materials

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Custom Printed Tissue Paper Suppliers

Focusing on the small wins can make the big differences in business, with custom printed tissue paper representing an effective and affordable way to keep your company top of mind with existing clients and prospective new customers. Custom printed tissue paper is just one of the items we at Brown & Pratt offer, a perfect way to promote your company through shipping and beyond for a relatively low cost. So, how can custom printed tissue paper make your business stand out even more?

Make Your First Impression When They Open Your Package

When your customer receives your business’s product, that is your first moment to continue to promote your brand. Your business is the one that provided the customer with the product that they’re opening, so take that opportunity of excitement when they’re receiving the product to remind them to associate your brand with that product and moment. With multiple weights and full color, your logo can live large in your packages.

Continue to Advertise Past Shipping

Part of the usefulness of custom-printed shipping tissue paper lies in its reusability, as the product can be seen over and over again beyond the original target. It’s true that many might throw away tissue paper after receiving the product, which still carried an impact as they were reminded of your brand, but for those who might reuse it then the product takes on a second life. Some people might use it as shipping material of their own, this pass-on effect allows your brand to continue circulating in the world. With a relatively small investment, your brand will be able to stay visible beyond the product’s initial use.

Pair it Perfectly with Other Custom Shipping Materials

When you’re planning your packaging, you want your brand to live inside of every element. From customized corrugated cardboard boxes to printed bags and beyond, your packaging can work both in shipping and in-person formats. Inside your external packaging, however, don’t give up on an opportunity to make your packaging an entirely branded experience. By pairing your printed tissue paper with other customized packaging and shipping materials, you can create a total branded experience that conveys your brand at every stage of the opening process.

Pack Gift Bags for Events

When looking to make an impact at an event, branded gifts are the best easy way to stand out on the trade show floor. Making adjustments in the packaging of your products is a great way to add appeal and an impression of premium gifts, leading to increased brand awareness and favorable opinion. Rather than handing out loose items, consider an accompanying gift bag to add a level of brand awareness and panache. By packing your gift bags with branded tissue paper, either with your company’s logo or a customized message to suit the occasion, the extra effort will stick out and make a distinct impression. It can be easier than you might think to stand apart in your industry, and tissue paper is an easy route to pursue.

Make Them Remember Your Company for Less

At Brown & Pratt, custom printed tissue orders are printed in bulk, with reams at a time customized to meet your specific amount needs. Our specialty papers are competitively priced, with custom quotes for each order in order to ensure the most competitive pricing based on the customer’s specific paper, size, and artwork selected. Purchasing in bulk allows you to bring costs down, and draw from a supply big enough to meet whatever need you to have. Keep your company’s logo present in every interaction while spending smarter.

Brown & Pratt’s custom printed tissue paper is ideal for filling in packaging, as well as stuffing and protecting products from shifting or damage during the shipping process. We’ve provided materials to suit businesses’ custom shipping and packaging printing needs for decades, with the expertise and equipment to recommend the right product for you and create it. We work with you throughout the process, and strive to create an item that promotes your business in a manner as versatile as it is inexpensive. To learn more about custom paper tissue paper, contact us today for a free consultation.

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