Ten Resolutions For Your Packaging In 2019

Jan 15, 2019 | Packaging Materials

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Happy New Year! As you write your resolutions for the year ahead, don’t forget to consider how your brand can make a stronger statement with packaging.

Here are ten resolutions we can help you make in 2019:

Resolution #1: Give up ill-fitting packaging

Jamming, squeezing or crossing your fingers it fits are chores to leave in 2018. Brown & Pratt offers a full spectrum of packaging and shipping solutions that can put you ahead of your competition. We have over 1,500 sizes of corrugated boxes in stock alone – not to mention mailing tubes, plastic selections and many more.

Resolution #2: Get organized

A common resolution for many, but the same goes for your business. Our display cases and organizational tools can keep everything from your front desk to your back room clean and organized. With corrugated displays of all sizes, you can appropriately and powerfully display anything from literature to large items.

Resolution #3: Add some color

A pop of color can bring new light and attention to your brand. Even add an extra layer of stand-out-appeal with shiny colored tubes and glamour bubble mailers. If something simpler is more preferred, consider colored tapes and package components that build your brand and catch consumer’s eyes.

Resolution #4: Upgrade to customization

Been shipping with the same, plain boxes for awhile? Brown & Pratt can do custom packaging sizes and imprints on an array of materials. Adding design elements of your brand, from your logo to patterns, can amplify your brand and showcase your attention to detail. With an exterior presence on plastic or paper packaging, branding can also be showcased on tape, tissue paper and more for added appeal.

Resolution #5: Add to your consumer experience

As important as the exterior packaging for your product or item is, the interior experience can also captivate audiences. Adding a touch of crinkle paper or tissue paper can add to the user experience and demonstrate the added care and courtesy that goes into each package.

Resolution #6: Try something new

While standard boxes and mailers are definitely tried-and-true, other organizations are often thinking the same. Take the chance to try something different and see how it can help you cut costs and differentiate yourself. These translucent silver shipping mailers serve the same purpose as your traditional mailer but give your item an added edge.

Resolution #7: Test eco-friendly packaging options

More than ever, the pressure to find eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions is prevalent among both businesses and consumers. Looking at ways to redefine your supplies to be more sustainable can give put you ahead of the game and allow you to do more for the environment. While switching to paper products can be an effective switch, it’s not always possible, and it’s not always accurate that plastic can’t also be an eco-friendly solution. Look to use products that can be reused or repurposed, as well as recycled. This is also an opportunity to inform your consumers of your commitment and encourage them to recycle your packaging. Learn more about approaching sustainable packaging

Resolution #8: Ship more safely

Damaged or broken goods are one of the number one shipping complaints that can hurt your consumer experience and weaken your brand perception. Adjusting your shipping style can lend you to quicker processes and more effective solutions. Our InstaPak Quick Foam-in-Place packaging creates added safety and less material per shipment.

Resolution #9: Bid farewell to equipment that isn’t cutting it

It’s easy to come to terms with equipment that doesn’t quite make the cut or creates some kinks along the way. While you may have grown used to some of its annoyances, make this the year your equipment works for you. Brown & Pratt has shipping and supplies equipment that add ease to your practices and streamline productivity, such as these easy personal sealers for quicker packaging prep. 

Resolution #10: Travel more

A common resolution that finds itself on many individual’s lists can mean something entirely different for your industry. Brown & Pratt provides high-volume shipping and packaging solutions from pallets to industrial level strapping. Easy to overlook in the process, our strapping guards resist damage to your shipment and create a better end deliverable. With a complete repertoire of solutions, you can truly travel more, more efficiently.

Let this new year lead you to a bigger brand, added efficiency and greater impact. Contact us today to learn more about the custom approach we can create for you.


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