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December is a busy – if not the busiest – month for most retailers. Some customers who have never visited your store before may stop in for the first time, as they shop for friends and family.

When you’re expecting a surge in foot traffic in December or other holiday periods, that’s the perfect time to consider reconfiguring some of your merchandising displays.

Point of purchase displays and endcap displays can help you sell products that customers didn’t even realize they needed or wanted. Take advantage of the impulse-buying urge by using temporary displays.

Where displays work

Put displays in locations that customers are most likely to see – for example, just inside the entrance to your store.

Display stands or kiosk-type displays near checkout lines give customers something to look at, if they’re standing in a long line. Customers are used to seeing candy, gum and miscellaneous items for sale near the cash register, and larger displays give you the opportunity to show them items they might not normally see in that location. If your store sells ice scrapers, gloves and deicer, put those items in a display kiosk near checkout lanes.

Space planning

Kiosk-type displays need to have enough open space on all sides that customers can easily browse merchandise. Plus, if kiosks are too close to other items, shoppers may not easily notice them.

As you look for where to put temporary displays, keep lighting in mind. If possible, position them under direct light, or close to sources of direct sunlight.

Purchasing displays

A permanent glass display case with built-in lighting can cost several thousand dollars. Fortunately, there are affordable alternatives.

Cardboard merchandise displays come in a variety of colors and are sturdy enough to support a variety of products. They’re lightweight, portable and can be easily disassembled for easy storage. So add a few cardboard merchandise displays to your store this holiday season to move the most inventory possible.

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