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What customers carry away from your store (and carry around inside the mall or outside on the sidewalks) gives other consumers a distinct impression of your business – an impression of your brand.

Your Face is Portable

If your small business is still putting purchases into “Have a Nice Day” bags with smiley faces, you may be sending the wrong message about your business. Consider your impression when you visit a national retailer and your purchases are bagged in a brightly-colored bag with the company logo on it. Everyone recognizes the dark blue “Gap” bag or looks twice at something artful and unusual. A custom-designed, professionally custom printed bag can make the difference between being seen as a small town mom ’n pop operation to a growing, thriving retail outlet.

Shape and size matters

It’s important to choose the right size bag for your products. For example, clothing shops will likely find a larger bag with their store’s logo is well-suited to packaging several items of clothing, while a business hosting an industry conference might find a small sturdy snap handle bag is perfect for holding materials and freebies. It’s imperative that the bag be chosen based on what will be stored inside.

It’s good to be green

For environmentally-conscious businesses, biodegradable and reusable bags are the perfect option. Reusable bags can be repurposed for grocery shopping in the months following customers’ purchases from your business. Made of non-woven polypropylene, these bags are washable and sometimes made with recycled plastics. The big cost savings comes in these bags’ reusability, most often being used in lieu of plastic and paper bags at grocery stores.

Quality depends on quantity

Before choosing a look for your bags, consider the storage capacity you hope to provide, as well as the material you prefer. Bags range in thickness from one to six millimeters, and you need to consider both the weight of the items that will be carried and whether or not those items will have sharp edges. Once the bag has been chosen, you need to choose the right color and handles, as well as to provide any artwork desired for the bag.

Your brand is in the bag

Depending on the quantity being ordered, custom bags can often be printed affordably and quickly, helping businesses build their brands while providing storage for purchased items.

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