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bio friendly Indianapolis plastic bagsBusinesses are becoming more environmentally-conscious than ever as they realize the value of providing materials consumers can drop in the recycling bin. Plastic bags, which are used for everything from holding trash to packaging a retailer’s merchandise for customers after a purchase, is the latest area that has caught the bio-friendly bug.

Bio-Friendly Retailers for Plastic Bags

Brown & Pratt, a top provider of plastic bags, has noticed a trend among bag manufacturers. Retailers around the country rely on custom-printed shopping bags from Brown & Pratt, which has a wide selection of colors and styles. The supplier has noticed in recent years that bag manufacturers are taking great efforts to create bags that are more bio-friendly in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are several ways manufacturers of custom plastic bags are becoming more bio-friendly than ever. Those include:

  • Using biodegradable materials. One plastic bag can languish for hundreds of years, filling up waterways, clogging waterways, and endangering birds and fish that might mistake them for a food source. By using biodegradable materials, manufacturers are able to create a bag that breaks down more quickly.
  • Offering reusable bags. Made of polypropylene, reusable, washable shopping bags have become a popular replacement for plastic bags. Brown & Pratt has seen an increase in interest for its custom-printable polypropylene bags in recent months as more retailers seek to reduce the number of bags they use each day. Loyal shoppers have grown accustomed to taking their reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, but clothing shops, sporting goods retailers, department stores, and novelty shops are now also encouraging their repeat customers to buy store-specific bags to bring back each time they shop.
  • Promoting consumer recycling. Many consumers are noticing that Indianapolis plastic bags are showing an increasing amount of recycling promotion. Since a small percentage of plastic bags are recycled each year, some retailers are trying to do their part by encouraging customers to recycle. The recycling message is often printed directly on the bag. Businesses that use biodegradable bags also find that including wording that promotes that fact increases a business’s public image.


For consumers searching for plastic bags that have an environmental conscience, Brown & Pratt can help. We offer a wide selection of options, including reusable bags that can be customized with your company’s logo.

As residents become more conscious of the impact Indianapolis plastic bags have on the environment, more options will be available to both fulfillment centers and retailers.

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