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For a retailer, packaging is a part of getting products from the business to the customer. If you’re putting your products in plain packaging, you may be missing a prime branding opportunity. This is especially true of the boxes you use to keep your products safe from damage as they are transported from your store to customers’ homes.

Business Branding

Ideally, all of your artwork and signage will incorporate the same basic elements, including your logo and your signature colors and fonts. This artwork should appear on your bags, exterior and interior storefronts, online store, and your boxes and other packaging materials.

Even if you choose black ink for the printing on your boxes, the design should match the design featured on your other materials. This creates a uniform brand that emphasizes the image customers already have of your company.

Your logo should be eye-catching, capturing the attention of those who purchase your product. Consider that long after your customers complete their purchases, they’ll use your boxes for storage, packaging gifts, and any number of things.

Each time your custom-printed box is seen by someone else, you’ll have a chance to make a lasting impression.

Return on Investment

As attractive as the concept may be, however, many businesses note that the cost of ordering custom-printed boxes can be hard on an already tight budget. Suppliers often require minimum quantities before an order can be replaced. This means businesses must spend a large sum of money initially in order to make up for the extra expense.

Boxes can also be customized in size to fit a business’s needs. While this can cost extra, the cost can be recouped by having boxes that fit an item exactly. A business that specializes in one type of candle, for instance, may find that a custom box holds the candle without excess space around it, saving on packing materials and keeping the candle safer from damage.

With so many box types, a business has a big decision to make in choosing just the right box for their customers. There are regular slotted containers, full overlap containers, half-slotted containers, and much more. The choice of cardboard type, shape, and size will depend on the customer, so it’s important to find a provider that will provide the best products for your business.

From the type of box to the insignia printed on it, your choice of packaging for your products is essential to building your brand as a business. A Brown and Pratt customer service representative can help your business choose the perfect products for your specific needs.

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