Preserve Our Planet with Preserving Cardboard Boxes

May 20, 2016 | Custom Printed Boxes

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Cardboard and cardboard boxes are an essential part of the packing and shipping industry, responsible for transporting nearly all products in the United States. Knowing where it comes from, how it is constructed, and the ways in which it can be reused and even recycled is a critical step towards protecting our environment.

Why are cardboard boxes a better choice for packing and shipping?

Cardboard boxes are not only reusable when cared for properly, the materials are also recyclable when they can no longer serve a purpose. This makes them an ideal choice to use in order to help in preserving the planet.

There are dozens of ways that you can reuse a cardboard box of any size and shape including:

  • Constructing crafts like gift boxes, post cards, coasters, and even napkin rings.
  • Organizing and storing your personal belongings in a secure spot.
  • Mulch for your garden or even a barrier against weed growth when laid flat.

Recycling instead of refuse

If you have no use for a cardboard box, it should be recycled rather than thrown in the trash. It is important for companies and consumers to recycle cardboard correctly, as it will create methane if allowed to breakdown in a landfill. Methane is a gas that is partly responsible for the greenhouse effect that has taken a toll on our environment.

Recycling process

The process for recycling cardboard is simple, requiring only 5 steps:

  1. Gather together all of the corrugated cardboard materials that are ready to be recycled and have them picked up, or bring them yourself to a local recycling plant.
  2. Once there, the cardboard will be sorted according to boxboard and corrugated materials.
  3. The materials are then soaked in a specialized mixture that will break down the fibers and create a pulp.
  4. That pulp is then filtered and stripped, removing any foreign materials and dyes.
  5. Virgin materials are then mixed with the clean pulp, dried and formed into solid sheets that can be reused.

A useful product that we typically take for granted, cardboard boxes and packing materials are an environmentally friendly way of storing, packing and shipping all types of objects and materials of any size and weight.

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