Create A Memorable Marketing Touch with Custom Printed Boxes

Oct 17, 2018 | Custom Printed Boxes

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Your Custom Printed Boxes Are the Final Touchpoint Your Brand is Missing

During a customer’s buying journey, there are many touchpoints in which your company can make a mark. A marketing mix containing elements of online outreach, word of mouth or email can help you gain exposure and even close a sale. But there’s another touchpoint your brand is missing: Custom print packaging.

The idea is to make your customer say, “Great, my package from arrived!” Your brand on a custom printed box provides that final feeling of satisfaction your customer receives as he/she first engages with your product. If you’re an in-store retailer, when your customer walks out after a purchase, everyone will know they shopped your brand if they’re carrying a custom box or bag with your name and logo on it.

Here are the reasons why you should ramp up your marketing with customized printed boxes for your product.

1. Online Shopping
We’ve all shopped online. In fact, 96% of Americans are now buying goods and services via ecommerce. A custom printed box allows your company to be visible during that entire process and reach more people. From the customer to the delivery person and all the people who see the package before its claimed, your brand is more noticeable when a custom box tells the story.

2. More Professional Than Plain
Instead of shipping your product in a plain box, you have an opportunity to stand out. Think about all the iconic products you buy where the label or box is memorable. When you buy a pair of Nike shoes, the box is memorable. When you buy something on Amazon, the logo covers the box. It’s all in the presentation.

3. Build A Customer Relationship
The way your product is perceived and the way it makes your customers feel goes a long way into whether or not they become a repeat customer. And if they’re a repeat customer, they become more likely to recommend your company to a friend. People who are referrals are 4x more likely to buy when they came from a friend. All because you took the extra step to brand your packaging!

4. Think Outside The Box
Products come in all shapes and sizes. Using a standard box might not get the job done. Finding the most efficient box for your product is important not only in presentation but to the bottom line. Whether your product is large or small, the proof is in the packaging.

5. Make A Great First Impression
While we’ve already touched on repeat customers and word of mouth marketing, it goes without saying that an eye-popping custom printed box can make a great first impression on first-time buyers. You only get one chance, right?

Best Option For A Custom Print Box

A box or bag is so much more meaningful to your business than simply a vessel to move a product. It’s where the product lives, it’s the final touchpoint in a customer’s journey. It carries your message everywhere, from shipping to when after it’s opened.

At Brown & Pratt, you can achieve this without breaking the bank. We offer customizable and affordable options to help you stand out. We want your product to not only arrive safe and sound but to also maximize its marketing potential.

We can help you reach more people and deliver a professional product every time. Contact us today to learn how custom print boxes can improve your business!

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