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Apr 1, 2019 | Custom Printed Boxes

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The Cost of Custom Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes may no longer be the novelty that they once were, but they’re still one of the best and most cost-effective ways to make your brand stand out in a sea of plain brown boxes. From the smallest businesses to the largest retail giants, the boxes they ship with the matter. They’re another opportunity for current and future customers to interact with your brand in a meaningful way.

Customizing boxes allows businesses to add another layer to their brand experience and create the perfect packaging. But one of the most common concerns when it comes to custom packaging, in general, is how it may affect a company’s bottom line. Anything custom is often going to cost a company more money, but with the right information, foresight, and planning, any company can earn a return on their investment in custom packaging.

When it comes down to it, your custom boxes are going to vary in price based on a few things: Branded packing size, order size, printing colors, and shipping costs.

Branded Packaging Size

When you order custom printed boxes, size is always a consideration. You want your branded package to be big enough to hold the products ordered, but not too big so as to unnecessarily increase shipping costs. In general, the bigger the box, the more a company will pay. This is not always the case though. Standard corrugated box sizes are going to be less expensive than custom box sizes largely because most box companies stock standard sizes more. If a company chooses to customize the size of their branded box, they will generally have to request a custom quote.

Order Size

The total quantity of your order will also impact the overall cost of your custom printed boxes. As a general rule of thumb, the more you order at one time, the lower the cost per unit. So even though the total cost will be higher, the cost per custom box is lower, allowing many companies to take a higher margin on their product.

Many box companies will mandate a minimum order for custom boxes. For example, a box company may require that if you order a custom printed box, 500 or more must be ordered at one time. This is largely because for each new design for a custom printed box, the box companies have to use new print plates.

All box companies will offer standard run sizes. For example, a custom printed box might have standard run sizes of 100, 250, 500, 1000, etc. If your company chooses to move outside of those standard run sizes, chances are that your overall price and price per unit will increase. For the sake of your bottom line, it’s probably best to stay within the standard run sizes offered.

Printing Colors

Every brand has a unique color and design scheme that should be reflected in custom printed packaging. To make each brand design come to life on a corrugated box, custom print companies use something called printing plates as part of the process of getting the ink on the cardboard.

Printing plates are similar to rubber stamps and are used to print line art and text directly onto corrugated boxes. This process is known as flexographic printing. It uses water-based inks, which have a flat finish. For every color to be printed, a different plate is required. These plates are mounted onto a sheet of material that matches the item, so the print will be in the proper position each time the item is made. Items that are printed in multiple colors require a separate set of plates for each color.

It’s often the multiple colors associated with many logos that cause prices here to creep slightly higher. The more colors a brand would like printed on the box, the more expensive that custom box tends to be.

Are Custom Printed Boxes Worth It?

We think so. Custom printed boxes show your customers that you have invested time and care into the products you make. If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra on a custom box, chances are you’ve developed a product that has true value to someone.

Custom printed boxes put forward a professional image to the people you work with most. It’s hard to go a single day without seeing an Amazon package or a meal-prep service box like Blue Apron on someone’s porch. The reason custom boxes like these are so effective at communicating professionalism is not only that they have a good-looking box, but also they truly believe in their product.

Companies that use custom printed boxes want to deliver professionalism in every aspect of their business, and custom packaging helps them do that.

Should You Use Custom Printed Boxes?

Every business has unique needs, so we can’t say that every business must use custom printed packaging. However, we can say that the companies sending out custom printed boxes understand the value in consistent branding across all aspects of the business, shipping materials included.

At Brown & Pratt, we have over 1,000 box styles in stock and have a price list available directly on the site. With our selection size, chances are that we have the size you want. While you may still want to request a custom quote to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Looking to do your own artwork on retail boxes in Indianapolis? We offer design services and eye-catching logo printing. Whether it is single or full-color printing on boxes or paper materials of your choice, Brown & Pratt provides terrific printing and custom packaging options at competitive rates.

Contact us today for your custom printed box needs.

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