Make An Impactful First Impression With These Top Branding Tips

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We all understand the importance of first impressions. That’s why businesses must make sure their brand, retail locations, online presence and customer experience reflects who they are as a company so that their brand and its offerings resonate with the consumer.

Buyers usually make decisions based on their initial encounter with something. That’s why packaging and branding are two of the most important aspects that go into marketing your business. You must determine how your company will stand out against the competition and create custom packaging that enhances your brand and helps to build a memorable brand personality. Here are some things to consider when getting started with your branding efforts.

The packaging. Product packaging is an important aspect of the retail industry. A product should be designed in a way to appeal to the consumer and stand out on a shelf. Similarly, creating strong packaging for shipments is just as important. Not only can strong packaging and branding protect a product, it can also promote a company’s message and brand. Brown & Pratt offers a variety of customized options to make sure your packaging is tailored specifically to fit your brand and your business needs.

The visual. It is essential to create a powerful visual across all fronts so consumers can identify your brand and your business. A strong brand has many elements that all work together to create a recognizable brand identity that a consumer can identify. A consistent brand image can establish your credibility and will initially spark interest from consumers. Ecommerce is how many companies are making majority of their revenue and also why they are focusing creating a cohesive image across all aspects of their brand, such as custom mailers and boxes.

The WOW moment. Company’s that dominate their competitors not only deliver great products, but also make sure their product is in more than just bubble wrap and a box. The most recognizable brands look like a gift rather than just an item purchased online. Their package visually represents their brand and gives the customer an experience they will continue to long for. The details matter and your customers do not forget the feeling they feel when they see your company’s branding on their doorstep.

The experience. Branding does not rely solely on the WOW moment. It relies on the entire experience. Brand recognition and brand loyalty are created by the accumulation of experiences with a specific product or service. For ecommerce businesses, the shipped package represents the most direct touch point and connection with the customer. This is why businesses must capitalize on their opportunity and ship their product in a way their customer won’t forget.

The quality. The quality of your shipped packaging can speak volumes. If you do not invest in the quality of what you are shipping your products in then why would your product be superior to competitors? The quality and condition of your packaging is the first thing a customer sees so it’s extremely important to ensure your product reaches the customer in perfect condition. This will not only ensure a satisfied customer, but it will help deliver a positive experience between your business and the buyer.

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