How To Make Unboxing An Unforgettable Event For Your Customers

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The shipped package is the most direct touch point between an ecommerce business and its customers. In the digital age, that’s a connection you can take advantage of to help drive repeat business.

The savvy business owner uses unboxing as an opportunity to create an event that will make your customers yearn to see your packages on their doorsteps.

The thrill of getting a package

Think back to when you were a kid: getting a package in the mail was a huge event. For many people, that experience is ingrained in us, and the rush of adrenaline we get when we open a package is very real.

And it matters today more than ever. An ecommerce survey from Shorr Packaging Corporation showed nearly half of “premium shoppers” (spending $201 or more on their order) would purchase again based on custom packaging. In addition, 43% showed people in their inner circle custom packaging, and 37% shared an image of their packaging on social media.

The lesson here? People do judge a book by its cover, so make the experience of unboxing your merchandise an experience to be remembered.

Here are a few ways you can do it:

Be branded

You probably already know the benefits of branding your shipping containers, because we’ve already discussed it at length. But it’s worth mentioning that a package announcing its own arrival is one more likely to lead to an excited recipient.

But even if you don’t have Amazon’s shipping budget, you can still create a personalized experience that will announce your company’s presence to all who see and handle the package. Something as simple as a sticker bearing your company’s name and logo can be obtained for a relatively modest price.

Be custom

Nothing says “we’re a small, disorganized operation” like merchandise that doesn’t properly fit its package. If possible, have a range of packaging options that allow as good a fit as possible. Inside, make your packaging look professional as possible.

In other words, make it look like the packaging was created specifically for your item. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on a custom box, but take care in selecting a box or envelope that looks nice, fits, and is properly packed.

Be neat

The presentation is everything if you want to make your customer’s unboxing of their merchandise an event. Having a clean, snug look is of utmost importance in the opening. A loose item is not only unsafe, but it looks bad. Secure your items, and place them carefully. “Design” the pack with the unveiling in mind. A properly packed and neatly assembled package rather than simply loads of messy Styrofoam can make your customer feel like she is opening a box filled with her dreams.

Be personal

Of course, your packing slip bears the name of your customer along with their order, but a personal approach can make a big impression with a small step. A short note, something as quick as a hand-written “Thanks for your order,” can add a personal touch that the customer will appreciate.

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